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How to Grow ‘Shirt Busting Arms’ with this ‘Superhero’ Arm Workout…


Two Tickets to the gun show! 

How to Grow 'Shirt Busting Arms' with this 'Superhero' Arm Workout.

If you want bigger, stronger looking arms – you know the one’s the bust through your t-shirt (not literally!) then your going to want to check out this workout which i’ve put together for you. All you need is a pair of dumbbells! I’d also suggest blasting some music in the background to get you all fired up!

Exercise 1 – Dumbbell Curls (biceps)

Dumbbell Curls (biceps)

Exercise 2 – Push Ups (chest, triceps) 

Push Ups (chest, triceps)

Exercise 3 – Side Raises (shoulders) 

Side Raises (shoulders)

The Workout:

It’s a circuit session. So to start with you’ll do Dumbbell curls, then go straight into Push ups, and then finally Side raises. No rest between the 3 exercises. On your first round complete 30 reps of each exercise, then rest for 60s, then go down to 25 reps for each exercise, rest for 60s, then down to 20 reps, etc, etc all the way down to 10 reps.

Total number of reps = 300

Bonus Tips:

  1. Focus on squeezing the working muscle (the harder you squeeze the better!)
  2. Lower the weights down slowly (take a minimum of 2 seconds on the eccentric phase of the lift)
  3. Control your breathing
  4. Work your butt off (the harder you work the more you’ll benefit!)
  5. Replenish your muscles straight away after your workout with a Buff Protein Milkshake – check out the recipe 

Now go and build those ‘superhero’ arms and let me know how you get on!

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