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How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone: it’s also known as ‘the male hormone’, and it is perhaps far more important than you might think!

Produced via the testes, testosterone provides many functions in the life of an average man and, while primarily associated with sex drive, is also important in a number of other areas of general wellbeing. Why are we here to talk about increasing testosterone levels? 

Aging is a natural process we can do nothing about, and in men, it is a biological fact that testosterone production reduces – sometimes quite dramatically – as we get older. We’re not talking old age here; testosterone levels can start to fall once a man passes the age of 30 – in some, it happens even earlier – and brings with it a wealth of problems. One is the loss mentioned above of sex drive, erectile dysfunction is directly related to this, and lack of the hormone can also lead to hair loss. Furthermore, any hormonal imbalance can lead to a man becoming depressed, which in turn leads to further problems. 

So, we thought we would tell you about ways in which you can increase the production and presence of testosterone in the body, and we have included a link to this article because it talks about the natural methods of restarting your testosterone production using natural methods. Let’s take a closer look at the factors behind low testosterone levels.

Exercise and Fat Loss

Exercise and Fat Loss

We’ll start with a simple point: your lifestyle and daily habits play a large part in whether or not your body produces enough testosterone. We’re talking about how much exercise you take, and how often you sit around doing nothing!

We’re all guilty of a lack of enough exercise: we come in from a hard day at work – perhaps spent mainly sitting behind a desk – and settle down to watch TV for the evening. It’s modern life, and busy working and family lives are a problem when it comes to keeping fit.

The result is that we put on weight – by way of gaining fat – and here begins one of the problems with testosterone production. Fat cells are home to enzymes, which will convert testosterone into the ‘female hormone’ estrogen. This is a natural indicator that testosterone production is slowing down. So, the first thing we need to get into is exercise.

Many forms of exercise can help reduce fat in the body. They will also make you feel fitter and look better, too, and build up muscle tone that may have been neglected. If you check out Testosterone Land – a site with some excellent information and advice – you’ll find several articles on the sort of exercises that make for great fat busters, and as a result, should boost your testosterone production.

It’s worth looking seriously at even a small, easy to begin exercise routine so that you can build up to a full workout, and make sure you get rid of that fat for good.

Eating Healthily

If you are going to cut down on fat and stay that way, you need to start eating a healthy, balanced diet. It’s all too easy to get a takeaway in when you’re tired after a week at work, or throw something together and not worry about what’s in it, but if you start to stock your cupboards with naturally healthy food, you’ll find that it helps.

After all, no exercise regime is going to get you anywhere if you eat junk all the time, so here are a few things that you need to consider getting into your diet:

  • Healthy fats – it may sound like a contradiction, but there are, in fact, many foods that contain Omega 3 fats and don’t contain the saturated fat that will gather in your body and encourage estrogen. Included here are the likes of avocado, coconut, olive and nut oils, and similar. Use these in salad dressings, for example, and you’ll find them particularly tasty, too.
  • Zinc – Zinc intake is essential in health terms, and you can find it in the likes of cheese, milk, beans, a yogurt. Zinc has been shown to improve testosterone levels actively, so it is something certainly worth considering.
  • Less sugar – quite simply, the less sugar content in your food, the better, and not just for weight loss but for your health overall.


The above natural methods of increasing testosterone levels are also ways of making yourself not just fitter but healthier overall too. You should put together a plan that involves both a healthy planned diet and an exercise regime, and very soon you will find that you are feeling better, looking better, and enjoying life too. One more thing – it has been proven that sex itself is conducive to producing more testosterone, so that’s something to look forward to!