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How To Increase Your Personal Training Prices?

How To Increase Your Personal Training Prices

Would you like to earn more money as a personal trainer? 

If you said YES, then I’ve got some tips to help you accomplish this! 

The trouble is that lots of personal trainers have no idea how to raise their prices. BUT don’t worry, I’m going to help you, and it’s why I’ve written this article. 

Before we look at how to increase your personal training prices, first let’s look at some KEY things to consider before doing so: 

1. Do you deserve a pay rise? 

Here is a question you’ve got to ask yourself. Do you deserve to charge more? 

Have your results improved? 

Have you attended courses and leveled up your knowledge? 

Have you invested money in new equipment, or spent money to make your business/service better? 

Are you a better coach this year than you were last year? 

If you said, NO…then I would forget asking your clients for pay-rise because there’s no point. If anything, clients will leave you if they don’t see the added value! 

2. How in demand are you? 

The more in demand you are, the more you can charge. Once you get fully booked up, increase your fees! 

Then as long as you stay booked up, raise your prices by 5-10% each year. 

You can also increase your rates with new members who join.

How To Increase Your Personal Training Prices

If you believe you deserve a pay rise, then email your clients, thanking them for their loyalty.

Briefly mention how you are committed to improving your business and the level of service to members, and consequently, the level of demand has increased, and from X date, your new hourly rate is X £ per hour.

Let them know when the new rate starts and then finish off by saying, “if there’s anything you need to discuss in light of this new payment, please feel free to contact me.”

If you do a damn good job, then most (if not all!) of your clients will happily pay the new rate.

I’ve increased my prices every year for the last five years with LEP Fitness, and it’s never failed me.

BUT that said, I’ve continued to improve myself, read hundreds of books, built a brand new personal training studio (with top of the range equipment!), attended multiple training courses, and keep improving myself as a coach. 

When you do this, you don’t feel guilty for asking for a pay rise because deep down, you know you deserved it. 

Trust me, if you keep getting better, and demand for your service is increasing, then you deserve a pay rise. Think about any career, you work your way up the ladder, and people who work hard and improve gain the right to earn more and have more opportunities. 

Go Away And Become A Better Personal Trainer

If, after reading this article, you don’t believe you deserve a pay rise BUT want one. My advice would be to go away for the next six months and apply all of the tips I’ve shared in this post. 

For example, read for 30 minutes each day, improve your level of service, attend 1-2 new training courses, get double the transformations, and then when the time is right, raise your prices. 

Good luck, and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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