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How to keep fit after the age of 70…


We are all getting older. It’s pretty much the only certainty in life, and many of us are worried about the prospect. But these days… age really is just a number.

You can be as fit at 70 than you were at 30. People in their 90s run in endurance races! Racking up a certain number of years is no reason to become inactive. In fact, the very opposite. The more you exercise as you get older the better your life is likely to be in terms of both physical and mental health. Even for those who find exercise tricky there’s always something you can try. Here are our 3 top tips when it comes to working out in older age. 

How to keep fit after the age of 70...

Find an exercise routine that works for you 

At any age the most important thing when it comes to exercise is to enjoy it, because it’s only when you enjoy it that you’re likely to stick to it. But this becomes even more important as you age. No one wants to waste their much anticipated retirement participating in activities they don’t enjoy. Luckily there are just about as many exercise activities available as there are people, so the trick is to find one you enjoy. If you have chronic health conditions or mobility issues it’s also important to find an activity that you can sustainably perform. For those with bad joints try water-based activities. Difficulty standing up for too long? Try chair-aerobics. Think about what’s nearby too, walks in the park, a dip in the local swimming lake – it all adds up!

Get regular health check ups

If you do want to start a new exercise regime it’s important to make sure you are healthy enough to do so before you start, so be sure to speak to your healthcare provider. More local doctors will offer regular health checks for people in their 70s including cholesterol tests, blood pressure checks and other important check-ups. Get your blood done then return in a week for your cholesterol test results and speak to a nurse or doctor about your exercise plans. They will be able to give you personalised advice on how to get fit safely.

Get regular health check ups

Consider a personal trainer 

The other thing that’s worth considering is a personal trainer, especially for elderly people who is a newcomer to the fitness world. This is not something people necessarily think about, often associating it with serious athletes or celebrities getting in shape. However personal trainers are great at tailoring exercise plans to individual circumstances. This is particularly handy if you have any past injuries or health problems that make you nervous to get going. Contact your local gym, explain what you’re looking for and they’ll be able to put you in contact with someone suitable. 

Those are our top tips when it comes to getting fit in your twilight years. We might think of exercise as an activity for the young, but this really isn’t the case. Whatever you’re age it’s important to stay active so try our top tips and see what you can do! If you are unsure to which exercise is better for you, please do seek professional advice. 

Consider a personal trainer