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How to Keep Your Personal Training Studio Looking and Feeling Fresh…


As you know, LEP Fitness has got a brand-new personal training studio, which offers the ideal environment to work out and achieve results…

Sheffield personal training studio

All fitness spaces (including this one) require some TLC to keep them looking their best. If you’ve got a place that you use for your personal fitness sessions with clients, here are a few tips to ensure you’re offering them the best possible experience.

A clean studio is a productive studio

It’s important to take some pride in your workout space. If it’s dusty or dirty, it won’t be an inviting environment to get physical in, and even worse, it could exacerbate any allergies that your clients might have.

Vacuum-clean the floor regularly and mop hard surfaces. Don’t forget the upper parts of the room too. Here’s where the feather duster comes in handy!

You should also regularly wipe down the equipment, even if you feel it hasn’t been sweated on too much. This doesn’t have to be an intensive clean every time; just an antibacterial wipe or spray will do fine. But if you do need a more thorough cleaning, consider engaging the help of machines for cleaning hardwood floors to get your room spick and span!

Keep on top of the maintenance

Nobody wants to do a workout in a tatty, uncared-for studio. If the paintwork is starting to look faded or grimy, set aside a weekend to redecorate. If your curtains or blinds are falling apart, replace them. And if a bulb has gone in the overhead light – replace it!

Increasing numbers of people are getting smart to the fact that regular exercise is vital for their health and wellbeing. However, if your studio looks like it’s falling apart, you can guarantee they’ll choose to work with another personal trainer instead of you.

Freshen up afterwards!

During a hard workout, your clients will inevitably sweat (and you probably will too!). Let’s make no bones about it, that creates an odour. This shouldn’t be seen as a problem – it’s a sign you’re your clients have pushed their bodies to achieve results. However, lingering sweat-scent doesn’t create a welcoming workout environment.

Take care of your clients. Make sure you always have a fresh towel handy, as your clients can use this to mop up sweat and ensure it doesn’t drip on the floor or equipment. You could even have some wet-wipes on hand to offer them, if they can’t get to a shower right away. For real luxury, have a bottle or two of perfume handy.  A spray or two helps to mask odours (Copycat Fragrances have some good, budget-friendly options).

Provide the nice extras

Always aim to deliver something a little extra. This could include:

  • A water fountain (in case they’ve forgotten their own water)
  • Music for working out
  • A vending machine full of protein bars and energy drinks
  • Motivational artwork
  • Information leaflets for clients to take away with them

It’s these sorts of things that set your studio apart from others in the area, and combined with a great personal trainer experience, it’ll ensure that people keep coming back for more.