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How to lose the weight and fat you haven’t been able to shed for years…

How to lose the weight and fat you haven't been able to shed for years

Are you unhappy with what you see in the mirror? 

Do you even look in the mirror anymore? 

If you said NO to the above, I’m sorry to hear that you feel this way. 

I want to help you because YOU, just like everyone else, deserve to be happy. 

Have you been here before? 

Coping with Depression as a Personal Trainer Business Owner

I know the likelihood is that you’ve tried diets in the past? 

And probably failed…

Most diets do that. They set you up to fail, and then you blame yourself. 

Over the years, this dents your self-esteem doesn’t it? 

I know the feeling all too well. 

I’ve written this post to help you escape the trap you’ve been stuck in for years. 

I want you to be happy, healthy, and lead the best quality of life possible… 

This article will show you How to lose the weight and fat you haven’t been able to shed for years.

And it will be dramatically different from what you’ve been told in the past. What you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked, but this will…

Self Reflection

Before we dive into some tips, why have you gained weight in the first place? 

Do you know the reasons why? 

Here are some common reasons:

  • Lifestyle – sedentary life, overconsumption of calories
  • Emotional – do you eat to make yourself happy? 
  • Self-Sabotage – do you punish yourself by overeating? 
  • Environment – do your friends and family influence you?
  • Trauma – bad experiences (abuse, neglect, bullying, etc.) 

It’s imperative to get to the bottom of why you’re in your current position…

Don’t skip this step.

Why not spend the next 5-10 minutes reflecting. Take a walk, or get out a notepad and pen and write down why you believe you’ve gained weight over the years. 

What conclusion have you reached? 

Once you know the answer, you’re ready to begin your transformation, and you can start focusing on solutions. 

Here are three solutions that have worked for LEP clients and myself over the last eight years….

#1 Reach Out For Help

Reach Out For Help

Yes, I know…

You want to try and do it by yourself. 

Maybe you’re afraid of reaching out for help because you feel embarrassed? 

Perhaps you don’t trust people very much after being let down in the past? 

Or maybe you simply can’t afford help? 

I hear where you’re coming from, and I totally get it. 

Reaching out for help can be difficult, but once you do it, you’ll never look back. It will transform your life for the better. 

You may think you know the answers, but the truth is you have blindspots, parts of you that you may be unaware are impacting your life. This could be hidden fears, anger, resentment, self-esteem issues, etc. 

You may think you just need a diet plan, but the reality is that you need something that goes much deeper…

Such as a mentor. 

A mentor can come in many forms, such as a life coach, business coach, counsellor, personal trainer, psychologist, or somebody who’s skilled in the areas you want to improve in the most. 

Hiring a mentor will save you years of struggles. I’m speaking from experience…

Back in 2016, I was at an all-time low. I had everything a man could wish for, a thriving business, a beautiful girlfriend (now wife), a lovely house, etc. But I felt flat and didn’t know how to get out of this rut… 

For years I had read books on personal development. I meditated, exercised, and tried a bunch of other low-cost things to try to lift my depression…

But although they helped, the brief moments of happiness were few and far between… 

I stopped being stubborn and reached out for help by hiring a mindset coach.

It was the best decision I made (alongside marrying my wife). 

It changed my life, and I continue to hire coaches because I see the value in it. 

I know hiring a coach can be expensive, but before playing this card, I would ask yourself the following questions:

How much do I spend each month on takeouts, restaurants, clothes? 

What areas of my life do I spend money on, but give me little satisfaction? It could be membership sites, magazine subscriptions, insurances you don’t need, etc.

If you’re like lots of people…

You probably spend money on things each month that don’t truly serve you. So the first thing that’s worth doing is reprioritizing your finances and freeing up some cash to invest in your future well-being. 

But I still can’t afford it? 

Ok, I get it, you may not have any money for hiring a coach. If this is genuinely the case, then here are some alternatives:

Join A Community – this could be local. For example, you could join a weight loss group in your local community. You could also look for free mindfulness courses to help you build your emotional strength.

Group Personal Training – group PT is cheaper than one to one coaching. For example, one to one training can be £60 per hour, but if you split the cost with your friend, it will be £30 each. If there are four of you, then it becomes £15 each.

Fitness Classes – if group PT is too expensive, why not join a fitness class? For £15 a month (30p per day!), you can join a gym and have access to multiple classes.

Insurance – have you got insurance and does insurance cover therapy – it’s worth checking with your provider. Lots of companies will offer this when it comes to mental health and counseling.

#2 Follow a Diet That Works For You…Not Against You

Follow a Diet That Works For You...Not Against You

Too many diets are restrictive, they work, but they come at a cost…

They deprive you of the foods you enjoy.

Your friends laugh behind your back and make funny jokes in restaurants because while they’re eating burgers…you’re eating salad…AGAIN. 

I could go on and on, BUT you know them already. 

Instead of opting for an extreme diet such as the 28 Day Keto Challenge, or some other low carb diet, why not pick recipes and foods that you enjoy and that tingle your tastebuds? 

For example, when you join LEP Fitness, you receive seven different recipe books. These books are amazing. They are full of tasty and delicious recipes. I’d love to send you one so you can experience them for yourself…

Vegan Recipes | 30 Healthy Recipes - Ideal For Weight Loss And Vitality
*Image from LEP Recipe Book

If you’d like a recipe book, please fill out the form below, and I’ll send one over to you…

By choosing meals that you enjoy, you will be far more likely to sustain your diet. 

Positive Mindset Shift…

Mindset Hacks To Help You Achieve An Amazing Body Transformation

Rather than banning foods, how about looking at all the foods you can enjoy while still losing weight? 

I used to hop from diet to diet, leading a life of misery. 

I would ban foods for months, and then binge on them once my diet ended. 

I would yo-yo diet and feel rubbish when dieting, and also rubbish when binging… it was a game I couldn’t win.

Then I worked on my mindset and relationships with food, which brings me onto my final point…

#3 Work On Your Mind As Well As Your Body

How to gain mental confidence so you no longer have to hide your gifts and talents

I know you’ve done diets in the past and tried various workout programmes. 

But how much time have you spent developing the most important muscle in your body…

What muscle do you think I’m talking about?


How much time have you spent on this powerful muscle that’s driving your behaviour? 

When you work on your mind, your body will follow. 

I see too many people looking for outside strategies such as diets, weight loss shakes, and fancy fitness gadgets…

You know the ones where you strap a belt to your stomach, and it vibrates, and you allegedly get a six-pack? 

These machines belong in one place…


In fact, if you have any of these fitness gizmos, you have my permission to throw them in the bin and set fire to them (actually, please don’t do this), but PLEASE chuck them away and make a promise to yourself to never buy another one. 

Instead, spend your time wisely by working on improving your mindset.

How do I improve my mindset? I hear you ask…

There are lots of things you can do. Here’s what I recommend:

Journal – write down how you feel each day. Keep a notebook by the side of your bed. Jot down your thoughts, worries, and anything that’s occupying your mind. 

Meditate – before you judge and freak out… I’m not asking you to sit on a mountain top with your legs crossed and expecting you to ‘hmmmm’, but I would recommend trying a free version of the meditation app called Headspace. Try it for the next seven days, and let me know how you get on. 

Read – read books on improving your mindset. Check out this article by Life Hack for 21 life-changing book recommendations. If you’re not a fan of reading, why not listen, I recommend using Audible

Final Words…

I hope this article helped. 

Is there something I’ve missed? 

Do you have any questions? 

I’d love to help you, so please get in touch below…

Thanks for reading,

Nick Screeton (Founder of LEP Fitness) – read more about how Nick can help you here