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How to lose weight on holiday and still have plenty of food and booze!


How to lose weight on holiday and still have plenty of food and booze! 

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As mentioned in my previous post I lost 2lbs on holiday and I ate what I wanted!

So as promised here’s some tips to keep the pounds off whilst still having a fab time…

1) take the stairs 

Forget the lifts in your hotel exist. Walk up the stairs to your room (presuming you have to go upstairs!). Either way stay active by walking. Walking burns a ton of calories!

2) swim like Phelps!

All I did on this front was 10-20 lengths per day. A total calorie burn of 200 cals (yaay! One more croissant with breakfast!)

3) workout first thing in the morning

One thing I did was set my alarm for 7am. I’d then get up and either go for a run or do a resistant band workout. This only took 20-30 minutes and again burnt around 200-300 cals.

4) enjoy your food but…

Don’t go mad! You don’t need 4 croissants or a beer with every meal! You can still enjoy foods you like but remember the devil is always in the dose!

5) be a fidget

Regular walks to the bathroom, or dips in the pool will keep your body burning calories. They say when driving a car it’s best to travel at a consistent speed (more fuel efficient). With our bodies however it’s much better to do the opposite. Plenty of stop starts. Of course make sure you relax but every hr make sure to get up for 5-10 minutes to tap into that stored energy.

Anyhow there’s the tips I used to stay in shape on my holiday! Hope you enjoyed and as always if you have any questions just give me a holla!

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