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How To Make The Most Of Your Workout…

How To Make The Most Of Your Workout

Whether you’re walking into a gym environment for the very first time or if you consider yourself a veteran, there will most probably be times where you’re not getting the most out of the session.

Every single person that enters the world of fitness will at one time or another struggle to reach their intended goals. Naturally, a newbie will take a fair bit of time to adjust to the new exercises, schedule, and lifestyle, whereas a seasoned gym-rat will plateau (sometimes without realising at first) due to overtraining through eagerness or struggling to find new techniques after experience huge gains over the years.

All of us who train want to feel healthier, look better and become a more confident person. Here are a few ways to make a session more productive…

Hire A Personal Trainer

It’s always more helpful when starting anything new to get the advice of a professional. For a first-time gym-goer it’s very, very useful. When anybody tries anything for the first time, they take in advice (especially from someone you trust) as gospel. Thus you’ll absorb their thoughts and techniques like a sponge.

Whilst obviously handy for a novice to take bits from personal trainers, you guys out there with years of experience may still want to swallow your pride and ask the other good-looking, charismatic guy why he’s doing a bit better than you.

Listen To Music

Music is awesome. It has the ability to make you feel almost any emotion you can think of, and it’s no different when you’re trying to reach that final kilometre or shift that last rep. A gut-busting rock song can give you the adrenaline boost you need, or maybe you’d like a cheesy one to put you in the happy mood to train. So find yourself a good playlist to get yourself in that workout mindset.

Nutrition And Supplementation

This tends to be the toughest part of fitness because, though it’s so important and a huge percentage of your goal, it’s mighty boring for most people. Gotta get it right though – you can’t out-train a bad diet. For post-workout supplementation, make sure you have a shake, such as Astral Nutrition, right after you train. Repair those muscle and help yourself grow.    

Be Consistent

Well, this one’s relatively simple isn’t it. Pop into a gym a few times a month for some dumbbell presses while talking to your buddies, and you’ll not get anywhere near the goal you set out. Make sure you’re in there consistently training to structured workouts or outside getting a sweat on.  

Practice The Correct Form

The amount of times you see people, mostly men let’s be honest, disregarding basic form in order to look the strongest in the room is astounding. As we said before, if you don’t have a clue how to pick stuff up properly, or position your body properly, just ask the guy or girl who knows way more than you. Also, slower is better – you’ll get better results sooner when you bring weights down slower on the decline of reps.