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How To Perform A Perfect Push Up




Push ups are a fantastic exercise. Why? Because you hit multiple muscle groups (chest, shoulders, triceps and the core muscles), they require little space, and you can do them anytime anyplace anywhere!

The problem (well two problems actually!) is that 1) not many people know how to perform a push up correctly and 2) they haven’t the upper body strength to complete 1 rep. The truth is they are pretty easy to perform (you just need to know how and once you get it it’s like riding a bike –  you’ll never forget!). If you struggle to complete one rep don’t worry there are plenty of methods for building up.

The great news is that i’m about to share with you a short video, In this video I teach you how you can . . .

  1. Get the most from your push ups
  2. Two variations to help you build you up to a full push up

10 Benefits of Performing Push Ups

  1. Increase functional strength
  2. Increase whole body muscle definition
  3. No Cost for a full body workout
  4. Increase testosterone
  5. Reduce Osteoporosis
  6. Stimulate blood circulation
  7. Increase metabolic rate
  8. Release feel good endorphins
  9. Improve muscular endurance
  10. Increase nutrient delivery