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How To Squeeze Every Drop Of Value From Your Personal Trainer…

How To Squeeze Every Drop Of Value From Your Personal Trainer | LEP Fitness

Lots of people will throw money at a personal trainer, in the hope that they will quickly solve their weight loss problem, or use a magic wand and say… “abracadabra” …. And then out pops a sculpted beach body! lol. 

It doesn’t matter how good your personal trainer is, if you’re not prepared to put in the work, you may as well spend your money else where!

That said if you are SERIOUS…  

I Want To Help You…

For those of you who are 100% committed…

I wrote this post for you, because I want you to get the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST RETURN on your investment from hiring a personal trainer. 

I want you to get head turning results, and to gain as much value as possible…

In this article, I’m going to teach you… 

How To Squeeze Every Drop Of Value From Your Personal Trainer…

get the most from your personal training experience

#1 Ask Questions (And Lots Of Them!) 

Don’t just turn up and go through the motions, ask your personal trainer questions, and develop an interest in what you’re doing, for example, ask your coach:

  • Why am I doing this exercise? 
  • How do I speed up my results? 
  • What extra things can I do each week? 
  • Are there any books, or podcasts I can listen to help me? 
  • What areas do I need to work on in my spare time? 

I great personal trainer loves clients to ask questions, and they’ll happily answer anything you throw at them. You’ll learn more along the way, and get far better results by ASKING QUESTIONS. 

#2 Contact Your Trainer Outside Of Sessions (Be Enthusiastic!) 

Don’t just turn up 2-3x per week to your personal training sessions, and they have no contact with your coach in between sessions. 

Instead, ask questions throughout the week (if you have questions that is!), update your coach on your extra workout sessions, which you do in your spare time. 

I actively encourage all of my clients to WhatsApp me after every session they do – I love receiving messages! I get a buzz… because I know that they’re on track towards achieving their goal(s)! 

A great personal trainer will keep in contact with you every single week outside of your personal training sessions, BUT you need to contact your trainer too. There should never be a question too BIG or small – if your personal trainer gets funny about you contacting them too much… fire them! lol!

#3 Do Your Homework (Be The Perfect Student!) 

If your personal trainer designs you a workout plan, or meal plan to follow outside of you coaching sessions…then make-sure you follow it. 

There are 168 hours each week, if all you are doing is seeing your personal trainer 3 hours a week, BUT doing nothing outside of your sessions, and eating rubbish… guess what? You may as well throw your money down the drain (actually, give it to a charity instead!)

Instead of wasting your money, do everything your trainer has given you…. Your workout plan, meal plan, stretches, cardio, weights, whatever they’ve set!

If you do this… JUST watch how fast you get results. 

Most of my personal training clients get results in a matter of weeks, I’m talking 7-10lbs of weight loss, because I motivate them to do extra stuff outside of our sessions. 

#4 Train Hard (Your Results Are Dictated By How Hard You Work!)

Whether you’re a man or woman, each session… pretend that you are a soldier on the battle field, going to war. You’re on a mission to go and kick butt, and to build the body of your dreams. 

YES…It’s going to be tough, BUT you are going to get through it, and you’ll feel 10x better afterwards (not physically…lol… you’ll be shattered! BUT mentally… you’ll feel empowered, as endorphins and feel good hormones surge around your blood stream).

Every session give 100% and be brave. If you do this results will come thick and fast, and you’ll gain the utmost respect from your trainer. 

My favourite clients (I know you shouldn’t have favourites…BUT I do!) are the one’s who give 100% every session, regardless of how they feel, or what’s going on in their personal life…they turn up and put themselves on the line… and in my eyes that’s one of the greatest client qualities. 

Thanks for reading, here’s to getting the best return on your personal training investment.

Sheffield Personal Trainer Nick Screeton who founded LEP Fitness in 2012

Nick 🙂

There’s never a question too BIG or small that I won’t be happy to help you with.