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How to Stay Fit & Keep the Pounds Off on Holiday…


Summer Holidays…

sheffield personal trainer in Lake Como Italy - How to Stay Fit & Keep the Pounds off on Holiday

The summer is now in full swing and i’m sure plenty of you will be venturing on your summer holidays. Very exciting! The trouble is that most of us (me included) tend to fall of the bandwagon and overindulge. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, your on holiday, you’ve been looking forward to this for months!

However if you can prevent weight gain, keep fit and still have a fabulous time this seems like a much better outcome right?

It’s possible to have a great holiday, with plenty of food, drinks and treats and all whilst staying in good shape and keeping fit. In this post i’m going to educate you on How to Stay Fit & Keep the Pounds Off on Holiday…

1) Pack your swim trunks and goggles 

How to Stay Fit & Keep the Pounds of whilst on Holiday

Swimming can burn a whopping 600 calories per hour. By adding in more swim lengths you’ll not only boost your cardiovascular fitness, but you’ll also expend more energy and keep the pounds at bay.

2) Pick up a resistance band

One of my favourite pieces of kit, they are cheap (£7.50 for 3 different bands!) and they neatly fit into your suitcase (taking up the same room as a pair of socks!). Another bonus is that they’re not going to add any weight to your luggage – god can you imagine trying to take a weights set with you (£200 bagging extra or what?). Last year when I went to Lake Como in Italy I did a 500 Rep Resistance Band Workout. Give it a blast and let me know how you get on!

3) Use your Hotel Gym

If your hotel has a gym in it, make-sure to get a workout in. You don’t have to spend long in there! Waking up on an empty stomach and doing a 15-30 minute work out will keep your muscles strong. You’ll also be able to eat some extra calories later in the day! During a 30 minute weight training session it’s possible to burn 300 calories! As an extra tip make-sure to keep your rest periods short, work hard and get a good sweat on!

4) Take your running trainers

how to keep fit on holiday by sheffield personal trainer LEP Fitness based in South Yorkshire

Like swimming it’s possible to burn 600 calories per hour from running. Pack your running trainers and go for a jog along the beach. Again you don’t have to spend much time, 15-30 minutes will do the trick.

5) Skip Breakfast 

I can’t speak for you but if your like me… you’ll over indulge on holiday and eat more calories than usual? If this is the case then skip breakfast so you can save those calories for later in the day.

I hope you enjoyed my tips, have a great holiday and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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