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How to Stay Fit While You’re Traveling for Work…

How to Stay Fit While You’re Traveling for Work

Many of you reading this post will have to travel with work and it can be a real pain, especially when you want to look after your health, fitness and body shape!

I train a handful of clients who are on the road at least every other week and it can be extremely difficult for them to stay fit and keep in good shape – but it is doable!

Lots of the time you don’t choose your own accommodation, instead your work picks and you have no choice. This makes it hard, especially if the hotel where you’re staying doesn’t have a gym or fitness facilities. 

You’ve also got to consider the food situation, it’s difficult to eat healthy and all too tempting to eat out at the pub, or buy easy to grab foods such as a sandwich, crisps and a chocolate bar from a service station! 

BUT don’t freak out…

There are lots of things which you can do to keep in good shape, in this post I’m going to teach you…

How to Stay Fit While You’re Traveling for Work…

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What To Pack…

In order to keep fit whilst travelling away with work you need some things which are light and that can fit into your travel bag/suitcase. For example, a jump rope, resistance bands, running shoes, a water bottle, compression shorts, and gym clothes are must-haves! 

Exercise Options 

You don’t need lots of equipment to get a good workout in, for example… you could do 10 minutes of skipping after work to get your heart racing, or go for a run before work. Or failing that you could do some exercise(s) in your hotel room with resistance bands – which are great for keeping your muscles strong. You could also do bodyweight exercises like squats, push ups, planks and burpees! 


Eating healthy on the road can be tricky, it’s very easy to grab sugary snacks and neglect what goes into your body. The excess junk food leaves you feeling tired, sluggish and bloated – not good for your health, confidence or work performance! What you eat will directly impact your mood, and cognitive ability – so choose wisely what you put into your body. 

Instead of opting for the sugary snacks, instead aim to pick foods which are high in protein, for example some already cooked chicken wings (which you can buy from most supermarkets). You could also buy a protein bar (I recommend the grenade protein bars) – they taste delicious and contain at least 20g of protein per bar. Protein will help keep you fuller for longer and support muscle mass – important for staying in shape and being lean. 

You could also pick up some fruit, foods like bananas and apples are always good to snack on, especially during the mid afternoon slump (2-3pm) when you start to get tired at work and need some healthy carbs to pick you up 

Eating out is also a big thing for most people on the road, if you have to eat out at a restaurant with clients… then make-sure to pick the healthiest option on the menu. For example you could have a fresh chicken salad, or steak and veg. Fish is also a great food for keeping you full and for giving your body essential nutrients.

If you don’t eat meat, then you could go to a vegan restaurant and get your protein fix from foods such as quorn.

Just make-sure to always plan ahead and be mindful of what’s going in your body, make the best decision you can with the options you have available to you!