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How to Stay Motivated & Get Fit Over The Cold, Dark, Winter Months…


The GYM can take a hike!

Stay motivated, and get fit over the cold, dark, winter months with these 5 tips…

The other day I just couldn’t be bothered with the gym. In fact I think the phrase that came to mind was…“Screw you gym!” (and that’s the polite version!) Yep it happened! and i’m pretty certain it’s happened to millions of others around the UK recently. 

One things for certain.. it’s freezing at the moment! Summer has long gone!

It’s that cold…my hands are numb just typing this sentence (actually that’s a total lie, I’m sat next to a warm radiator! but let’s just pretend…lol!)

So the other day…

My alarm goes of at 5.30am, I can barely open my eyes, they feel glued together, tired and puffy. After some slow blinks…I dangle my foot out of the bed…jesus…it’s absolutely frickin freezing. In my head I know i need to get up and go to the gym, there’s no other time in the day, but the thought of snoozing my alarm for another 10 minutes is just too appealing.

The battle in my head commences: my Good Conscience is saying… “go to the gym” whilst my Bad Conscience is saying… “ stay in bed”. This thought process goes back and forth for around 30s but before I know it… 10 minutes have past and i’m waking up again! NOOOOOOO!

It can be tough to get motivated in the winter but i’d like to share with you some tips that can help…

1) Take your gym stuff to work

It’s all to easy after a long day in the office to come back home, make a brew (“cuppaaaa tea” as us Northerners say!) and put your feet up with a packet of biscuits. Now whilst this is good once in a while, if done frequently you’ll end up with a fat butt (sorry i’m not very politically correct!).

Instead get ahead of the game. The likely hood of you going to the gym once you’ve settled at home is slim. One of the things that’s helped LEP members is simply packing a pre done gym bag, so they can go straight to the gym from work.

2) Pick a Handy Gym Location  

It’s no use having a gym that’s 20-30 minutes away! The further away your gym the easier it is to use this as an excuse. Pick a gym that’s close to you, ideally on your doorstep or 5-10 mins away.

3) Workout at home

You don’t need to workout at the gym to get fit, there are hundreds of things you can do at home. As mentioned above just make-sure you do your workout as soon as you get home or first thing in the morning (this will set you up for the day!). Here’s a home workout you could try…

10 Minutes Interactive Fat Burning Workout:

4) Enjoy tasty food

Make-sure you enjoy eating healthy, tasty food. Most people who say eating healthy is boring don’t have a clue how to cook! They’ve followed strict diets which are unsustainable. The truth is there are thousands of tasty recipes, quick and convenient and which are conducive towards a healthier, happier lifestyle. I’m a big fan of the Joe Wicks book

5) It’s ok not to be ok…ok? 

Nobodys perfect, when you have a bad day, put things in perspective and dust yourself off. Don’t wallow in self-pity and feel sorry for yourself, don’t let one or two bad meals in a week turn into a 28 day binge! We all (me included) go through phases when we cannot be bothered! Accept that you’ll have good and bad days and everything in between. Just strive to have more good days than bad!

Thanks so much for reading, for more motivation and mindset tips please head over to the motivation section of my site.

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Speak soon,

owner of LEP Fitness Nickeh Screetoni