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How to Workout Without a Gym…

How to Workout Without a Gym

Some people thrive off their gym workouts. They might enjoy being around other people, don’t mind a cramped space occasionally, and they probably enjoy the separation that the gym gives them between exercise, work, and home.

Others, however, have many places that they would rather be than at the gym. That doesn’t mean that these people don’t want to work out or feel the burn in their muscles. Instead, it could mean that for these people there are much more motivational places for them to get their exercise than in the gym.

Whether you’re working out inside the gym or out of it, consistency is essential for training and muscle development. If training in the gym isn’t the best way for you or your client to remain consistent, there are plenty of other ways to get your workout.

Additionally, learning to work out without the gym can help to make you more resourceful about staying in shape when you’re away from your normal routines and equipment. Here’s how to get started with taking your workouts on the road with you.

Pick Your Spot

It can make-or-break your workout to choose and think through your spot beforehand. A poorly chosen workout spot can lead to some disappointing or downright frustrating workouts. For example, you don’t want to go jogging during rush hour when you need to dodge crowds of people.

One way to keep track of your favorite spots is to keep a list in your workout journal or fitness tracking application.

1. Step Outside for Some Cardio

Step Outside for Some Cardio

When the weather’s nice, going outside for your exercise is rewarding in multiple ways. To begin with, outdoor cardio, such as that found on trails, can offer you any kind of workout that you can imagine. This can include walking, jogging or running, hiking and bouldering, climbing, or bike riding. Additionally, getting out into nature or going to a park and spending time around plants, can greatly boost your long-term mental health.

2. Find a Local Exercise Park

Find a Local Exercise Park

Exercise parks are frequently stocked with non-electronic exercise equipment. Some will even have weights that you can use. For the most part, these parks are suited to old school calisthenics and cardio. They often feature bars, ellipticals, walls for climbing, and even rocky structures for bouldering. Additionally, exercise parks often have more open space than most gyms for no-equipment circuit training using only your weighted vest for resistance. More important than the amenities, though is the exercise park’s ability to draw in motivated individuals to help give you a great social workout without the gym.

3. Set Up in Your Own Home

home gym

Working out at home is a great option for someone who’s short on time or who enjoys solitude while exercising. There’s a lot you can do at home even using minimal equipment. The key to a successful home workout, however, is staying focused so that you can burn just as much as you would in the gym.

Productive home workouts require a designated space to help you stay on track. While it’s helpful to have a home exercise studio, you don’t need it. Instead, you can work out just as well by clearing a space and setting down a mat for yourself on the floor. Additionally make sure to use motivational media, such as music or videos, that isn’t too distracting.

Best Workouts to do Outside the Gym

If you’re not used to exercising outside of the gym it’s important to go into your workout with a plan so that you don’t lose focus. When you’re accustomed to going to the gym for workouts, it’s likely that you have a pattern or rhythm that helps you stay focused.

Working out in a different place could interrupt this rhythm in good and bad ways. Not having a plan or routine can cause you to waste a lot of time, and it may make your workout feel less productive. Nonetheless, just like with any workout plan, some flexibility is recommended just in case something doesn’t go according to plant.

  • HIIT Training – Many HIIT routines are designed to require minimal space and equipment. This allows for quick transitions between each task. It also means that you can do many HIIT routines at home, making them a condensed full workout that you can quickly pack into an already full schedule.
  • Circuit Training and Calisthenics – Calisthenics require minimal equipment, though a little extra space is nice. These circuits can be done indoors or outdoors, and are particularly well-suited to the workout style of most exercise parks.
  • Yoga or Pilates for Recovery – Yoga and Pilates are both easy to do at home or in most spaces for novices and experts alike. Videos are useful in the home for varying the type of exercise you do. While yoga or pilates won’t likely be your only exercise during the week, it makes for a great no-gym recovery day.
  • Kickboxing or Shadow Boxing – Kickboxing and shadowboxing, as well as other martial arts exercises, can require a larger space without much equipment. This makes them particularly good for quick bouts in an open floor-plan indoor space or in a park outdoors.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself wanting to, or needing to, take your workouts somewhere other than the gym. There are many places that offer inspiring or convenient workout spaces, and the rest is up to you.