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I didn’t workout because of the snow…

I didn't workout because of the snow...

So the snow hit Sheffield again this weekend! 

When checking in with clients today I asked how their training has been going since our last session…

A handful said…

“Couldn’t get to the gym because of the snow”

Me – “oh ok! What did you do instead?”

Common answers – watched the rugby at the pub, went out for food”

So you can go out for food and beer but not to the gym?

At the other end of the spectrum I had a bunch of clients that either went to the gym, or did one of my homework routines, which involve bodyweight exercise, DB’s and resistance bands.

Now I’m not calling anyone out, and a weekend off the gym doesn’t do any harm (providing you don’t have 52 of them!) But overall the people who really get amazing results make it happen regardless of circumstances.

People who achieve transformations are genetically no different from those who don’t. What separates them is small and consistent actions, repeated over time.


“You can either have results or excuses, but not both”

Don’t let this happen again!

Why not try my 8 Week Home Workout Program which you can follow in the comfort of your home

The plan is suitable for both men and women and suitable for all fitness levels (there’s a different program for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees)

The plan includes…

  • An 8 week exercise plan
  • 4 different routines
  • 20 different exercises with full demonstrations

and everything you need to know to get fit and lose weight without spending hours working out!

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