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I lost weight on holiday! Wtf? Even though I had pizza everyday!


I lost weight on holiday! Wtf? Even though I had pizza everyday! 

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Okely Dokely so most of you will know that I’ve just been to Sorrento, Italy. Holy cow I love that place, it’s beautiful. The trouble is the Italians love their food and most of it is too bloody delicious to turn down! I mean who doesn’t want chocolate croissants for breakfast every morning? 

I must admit I’ve been like a kid in a sweatshop! In the breakfast hall… Lines of cakes; croissants, tarts, Nutella slices, sh*t you name it they have it! Seems like the Italians don’t care about my health or 6 pack!

Now when I’m on holiday I do chill with my food, I’m no way near as disciplined but that said I don’t want to turn into a sack of potatoes, eating everything in site and gaining a stone in 1 week!

My holiday isn’t made by food. Don’t get me wrong I love food but I don’t need to eat bucket fulls of crap and stuff my face to make me happy or eat sh*t loads just because I’m on holiday!

I see so many people go absolutely frickin mental. I saw this one woman with 8 slices of toast, and 6 croissants (pilled on top of each other!). Talk about a gazillion calories and a one way ticket to diabetes!

See in the past this is what I used to do…

Diet for 12 weeks (living of rabbit food) I’d get in good shape and then on holiday….

Well I’d be like Augustus Gloop after a 24 hr fast! Eating everything in site and in obscene quantities! I remember once eating 2 pizzas and a maahuusiveee ice cream in the space of 30 mins!

I’d feel like a bloated gorilla half way through my holiday and pretty much undo all my 12 weeks worth of hard work (it doesn’t take long when you polish of 10,000 calories a day!)

But things are different now, my relationship with food is healthy…

I eat what I want but control the quantities. This hasn’t been developed over night. But the method I’ve developed works extremely well for me and my clients.

This holiday I’ve had pizza, croissants, whiskey, tiramisu, beer and guess what?

I’ve actually lost 2lbs!

High five!

In my next post I’m going to share exactly how I fully enjoyed my holiday (no deprivation!) Whilst keeping myself fit, healthy and losing weight!

It’s not as difficult as you might think…