LEP Fitness


I owe a lot to personal training…


Since I qualified back in 2005 (13 years ago! Holy crap!) it’s been a huge part of my life’s journey…

It’s lead me on a path of self development – reading and listening to hundreds of books/audiobooks and attending a bunch of courses.

it’s taken me away from destructive habits like smoking (40 per day at one point!) and going out and getting wasted 3x per week.

I’ve met people from all walks of life, old, young, men, women, people from other countries, different backgrounds, teachers, doctors, dentists, nurses, sportsmen, psychologists, charity workers, students, you name it.

I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve trained. I’ve experienced snippets of other people’s worlds and heard stories; some which have moved me, and others that have enriched my own life and taught me a great deal.

Although I’m naturally still an introvert its made me more confident and I enjoy meeting and speaking to new people.

PT has allowed me to create deep bonds with others, and a bunch of clients have become friends.

Its given me the strength, courage and belief to start other businesses alongside PT.

It’s taught me to judge people less harshly – we all have a background  story.

It’s taught me how to be compassionate and empathise with people who are struggling with both health and mental issues.

But most importantly it’s made me a happier and better person.

As I write this post I’m sat on a sun lounger in my back garden (typical Brit!), I’m chilling and reflecting on the past and taking a moment to appreciating some of the lessons I’ve learned over the last 6 years and also acknowledging how lucky I am.

Thanks to those people who’ve made this a possibility. This ‘thanks’ goes to  both previous clients and current. It goes to friends and family – those who’ve supported me and had my back.

Feeling blessed!

Nick 🙂