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I’m New to Cannabis – What Is Absolutely Crucial to Understand…


Understanding cannabis isn’t really that easy with all that’s going on in the industry. There are several things that might confuse you but that’s not something a few readings can’t cure.

It might still be overwhelming so let’s just narrow down cannabis into the things that you really need to know. Regardless if you’re to use this in future or not, the information might come in handy.

Differentiating Terms  

You’ve probably heard lots of terms before that technically meant the same thing but not quite. Terms like cannabis, marijuana, and cannabinoids get mixed up so frequently, they just lose their actual meanings. But let’s break it down here:

  • Cannabis – according to Heathline, cannabis refers to three difference kinds of plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis; these plants will be discussed later. Generally, this kind of plant is tall and has a stem that’s upright. It has five leaves and glandular hairs.
  • Marijuana – this is the dried version of cannabis leaves that’s used as a psychotropic and anti-inflammatory drug.
  • Cannabinoids – these are the actives of marijuana that can give various effects for different diseases like cancer and epilepsy. A well-known cannabinoid is THC which is a psychoactive compound.
I'm New to Cannabis - What Is Absolutely Crucial to Understand

Now that the terms are now differentiated, we can now use them without any confusion. Let’s move on to the different kinds of cannabis plants. There are crucial differences that even newbies need to know because it will affect your preference in the future.

  • Sativa – this is the really tall one with narrow leaves. It’s commonly used to elicit energizing effects to the body. The high people get from sativa plants are usually uplifting and creative. The sativa strain is usually used to treat depression and give focus to the user.
  • Indica – this plant is stout and has broad leaves. It’s known to give users sedating effects which can make them sleepy or lazy. The high seeps deep into the body. This strain is usually used to treat anxiety and insomnia.
  • Hybrids – just like the name suggests this strain is a perfect mix of Sativa and Indica providing the best of both worlds. The most known hybrid is OG Kush, and unlike its widespread use, the origins are lesser-known and highly debated. This Zamnesia article sheds a bit more light on the topic.
  • Ruderalis – you don’t usually hear about this plant because it’s not common used. It has thick and sturdy stems that grows up to 2.5 feet, pretty short actually. It’s just used for its auto-flowering trait which is beneficial for growers. Other than that, it’s not widely used.

These strains are different from each other and give different effects. So don’t confuse them with each other, especially during your first time.

Medical vs. Recreational

Now, with all the states in America legalising medical and recreational marijuana, it’s best that we differentiate them from each other. what sets each other apart from each other is the medicinal application that’s used for them.

Medical marijuana is legal in a lot of states because it only has cannabidiol or CBD. This is a substance that doesn’t give its users psychoactive effects or the high that’s commonly associated with it. And that’s why it’s legal because it’s solely used to treat the various qualified conditions.

On the other hand, recreational marijuana is a whole different story. It contains tetrahydrocannabidiol or THC which is responsible for the high that people feel. This is the psychoactive compound that makes marijuana addictive and prone to abuse.

The difference may seem simple but it makes one completely different from the other. That’s why most states on legalized medical marijuana because that’s so much more easy to regulate and hard to get addicted to without the high. In the United States, marijuana has been legalized for both medical and recreational use but not in all states. 33 states have legalized medical marijuana, while only 10 legalized both.

Buying Marijuana

While marijuana is now legal in some states, you can only buy cannabis at approved shops. Buying it elsewhere is illegal and definitely not safe for you. Regardless if it’s for your recreational or medical use, you can only buy it at dispensaries.

It’s easy to find a cannabis shop or dispensary with Veriheal.com’s dispensary finder but you need a doctor’s recommendation and a medical marijuana card to buy. The process to get it is quite easy. You just need to register at your state’s medical marijuana program and you need to get certified by your doctor that you are qualified to use medical marijuana for treatment.

After this, you fill forms and submit a copy of your doctor’s recommendation. Once approved, you just need to wait for your card in the mail and you’re good to go.

That seemed like a lot of terms but they’re crucial for you to understand the entire industry. The differences between the plants and the different uses for marijuana are necessary bits of information you need to know to help you understand what they’re used for. Now that marijuana is legal, you might want to check it out yourself using the information you just read.