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In Pursuit of Excellence…


In Pursuit of Excellence… | written by sheffield personal trainer | LEP Fitness

Excellence Definition : “The quality of being outstanding or extremely good”

Excellence is not about playing in front of 90,000 roaring fans at Wembley Stadium, nor is it about hitting the winning forehand on Centre Court. It’s not about being the CEO of a FTSE 100 Company or being able to Climb Mount Everest. Excellence is so much more…

What Excellence is all about…

Excellence is acquired in the small day-to-day actions. What you consistently do behind the scenes, when no one’s watching:

  • The thoughts you choose to attach to
  • The way you hold yourself in conversation
  • The foods you put in your body
  • The exercise you perform each day
  • The books you read
  • The people you hang around with
  • The amount of money you invest in yourself (coaching, books, training, courses)

Excellence is not achieved after 1 act, or 1 day, or 1 month, or 1 year, or 10 years! It’s an ongoing process that never stops. Everything matters in the pursuit of excellence, and I mean everything, every little detail:

  • The way you brush your teeth
  • The way you get dressed
  • The way you speak to people
  • The way you stand
  • The way you wash the dishes
  • The amount of times you smile each day

Everything matters…

Excellence is an ongoing pursuit and part of your bigger mission. It’s imperative to have a goal, a target to aim for, but it’s not all about the goal, it’s about the journey. Everything you do today is significant. Every thought, every piece of food you put in your body, every emotion, it all leads to a chain reaction. Overtime these actions become who you are.

watch your thoughts, for they become words, watch your words, for they become actions, watch your actions, for they become habits, watch your habits, for they become character, watch your character, for it becomes your destiny