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Instagram Fitness Gurus | The 5 Best Fitness Pros To Follow On Instagram…

Instagram Fitness Gurus | The 5 Best Fitness Pros To Follow On Instagram

The fitness industry is saturated with gurus, it’s full of egomaniacs posting pictures of topless selfies, flexing their abs, bronzed tan, and posing behind a flash sports car (usually not even their own! lol!).

There’s a lot of misguided information, people trying to sell generic diet plans, and take advantage of people who are emotionally vulnerable, desperate and uneducated in health and fitness – think about all of the fat loss pills and juice shakes!

That said, and on a more uplifting note – there are lots of extremely positive influences, people who share amazing content (often for free – although you can opt in to their paid services too). These people make a big difference to people’s lives and are well worth a follow. 

Instagram Fitness Gurus | The 5 Best Fitness Pros To Follow On Instagram…

Marcus Filly

Marcus Filly fitness
follow Marcus on Instagram

I love this guy, not only does he have an amazing physique, but his content is the bomb. Marcus shares lots of content around mobility and functional training. He’s from a CrossFit and athletic background – meaning he has an excellent understanding of how the body works as a whole (rather than in isolation – like bodybuilding). 

If you follow Marcus on Instagram you’ll learn lots of unique exercises to help you improve your strength. He also shares conditioning programmes to help develop fitness, and finally there’s lots of stuff relating to core training, mobility, warm ups, etc. 

Nick Mitchell 

Nick Mitchell | UP performance
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Nick is like Marmite – you either love him or…don’t! Nick founded Ultimate Performance – a high end personal training business that specialises in body transformations (just look at the UP page to see their amazing results). 

Nick is extremely opinionated BUT unlike lots of people… he isn’t afraid to express what he thinks. He talks about lots of things, mainly relating to fitness, and body transformations, however he does also touch upon topics such as mindset, political/social issues (relating to health and fitness – Nike Mannequin), and business advice. He’s very entertaining and worth a follow.  

Eugene Teo 

Eugene Teo | Ganbaru method
follow Eugene on Insta

Such a cool dude. Eugene is a legend in the fitness industry. With his horse like mane of hair, and gigantic calves – he stands out from most polished, tanned, and bleached teethed fitness pros! lol!.

Eugene is extremely well educated when it comes to human anatomy and how the body works as a whole. He focuses on helping people to improve their problematic areas, for example: rounded shoulders, under developed back muscles, tight hamstrings, weak glutes, etc. He creates unique exercises to help people and is extremely good at putting it into Laymans terms – so that the average Joe can understand.

Eugene is a great guy to follow – I would also recommend checking out his website – the Ganbaru Method. It’s even more in-depth… for those who really want to study the body, to either improve their own performance, or to help clients i.e. if you are a personal trainer. 

Steve Cook 

Steve Cook | fitness
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This guy is the coolest person in the fitness industry, and one of the most down to earth. Steve has an incredible physique. In my opinion it’s the perfect physique (not too big, but big enough, strong, lean and athletic). Steve is entertaining, likeable, humble and shares lots of his workouts, and tips.

As well as Instagram, Steve’s Youtube channel is worth checking out – especially for those of you out there who like longer forms on content i.e. videos that are anything from 5-20 mins long.

Phil Learney 

Phil Learney | ACA | podcasts
follow Phil on Insta

I’ve been a fan of Phil Learney for years – i’ve listened to all of his podcasts (which are great and well worth a listen), and i’ve also attended lots of his courses and signed up to the ACA (Advanced Coaching Academy) – a great coaching course for personal trainers. 

What I like about Phil is that he’s honest, shares great snippets of content and really knows how to influence people for the better. I would recommend checking him out on Instagram. His posts are spot on, and he shares lots of video content that’s very relatable for most people – topics include tips for personal trainers, but also general advice on food, training, and psychology. 

Thanks for reading, who do you look up to in the fitness industry and why?

Nick 🙂