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Interview With Pro Fitness Athlete Richard Elston …



I found my passion for bodybuilding & fitness after a knee injury ended my football career at 21 when I was semi-pro. I have always been a sports freak taking part in everything I could but soon came to realise that building a physique was my main motivation for going to the gym.

Out side of the gym I like peace and quite. I am not a party person or live for the weekends. I enjoy meals out with my other half and movie nights along with the odd glass of wine every now and then in the off-season. I work hard and train hard all week so I need my down time to relax and unwind.

5 Quick Facts . . .

  1. 28yrs old.
  2. Born and raised in Birmingham UK.
  3. Grenade sponsored athlete.
  4. Mens physique competitor and first ever Mens physique Midlands Champion.
  5. Online physique coach (richphysique@hotmail.com).

How Long Have You Been Pumping Iron?

I have been in the gym 12/13 years but I have only been bodybuilding 7yrs.

What Has Been The Toughest Part Of Your Journey So Far?

The hardest part of my journey so far is actually right now. I am currently working around a spinal disk problem which is restricting some of my heavy lifts but I am knowledgable enough to be able to work around this but it does become very frustrating at times. I simply find alternative exercises to use and simply give it my best. So far I feel I’m on the right track.

A Day In The Life Of Richard Elston : What Does It Look Like? 

  • 7am : Wake Up
  • 7.30 : Breakfast
  • 8.15am : 5.00pm –  At my desk at Tropicanafitness.com where I am the store manger.
  • 5.30pm : Personal Training client
  • 6.30pm: Personal Training client
  • 7.30pm: Train myself
  • 9.00pm : 10.30pm Online client emails
  • 10.30pm : 11.30pm shower & last meal of the day.
  • 12.00pm : Sleep!

All this while also getting in 5-7 meals per day!


If You Could Only Take 3 Items On A Desert Island What Would They Be? 

The mrs! haha! or if not her then a lighter, an axe & a fishing rod – Simple cave man essentials (Kind of haha)

If You Could Eat Any Food Without Any Detriment To Your Physique. . .

Id have to say pizza. I absolutely love pizza and its very hard not to consume a few pizzas a week in the off season!

Name 1 Secret That People Do Not Know About You?

I’m slightly OCD. Not major but I do have a clean and tidy home. I’m not ashamed to out do a woman when it comes to cleaning!

Name 1 Supplement That You Cannot Live Without? 

Protein : It is just so essential and an easier whey to hit your protein requirements for the day.

What Was The Last Song You Listened To . . . 

Chris Brown : Home

If You Had To Start Out From Scratch What Would You Do Differently? 

If I could go back to day one with the knowledge I have know I think I would have just got my diet sorted straight away and focused on more compound lifts and heavy ass weight for my early years as this would have gave me a better foundation to build on but with that said, I am very happy with my physique as it is and it’s only getting better.

Who Do You Look Upto In The Fitness Industry And Why?

Steve Cook has always been a big inspiration to me because of his personality and attitude towards the industry. His physique is also 10/10 in my opinion.


What Advice Would You Give To People Starting Out? 

Do it because you love it. Not because you want sponsorships or want to earn money etc. You have to remember why you started lifting in the first place and I have had to remind myself of this a few times myself. I’t a tough industry to crack but you just gotta stay try to yourself and stay consistent.

Future Plans . . . 

Well I have just came back from FIBO POWER in Germany with my sponsors Grenade and the next expo is BodyPower in May where ill also be and I am also still in 2 minds if Ill compete september 13th this year or hold out until the UKBFF Nationals this time next year.I won my first ever Mens Physique show in 2013 but wasn’t happy with my physique so I’m taking as much time out as I feel is needed to bring back a crazy physique worthy of potentially obtaining an IFBB Pro card in the future.

Where Can People Find Richard Elston? 

Hope you enjoyed the Interview With Pro Fitness Athlete Richard Elston . For some more great content head over to the LEP Fitness Blog. I recently did an interview with Pro Fitness Model Daniel Luke (click here to read the post). There are also plenty of free tips and resources available (diet plans, training plans, etc) which will help you progress further during your individual fitness journeys!

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