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Is Coffee Good For Fat Loss? …

is coffee good for fat loss

Who loves coffee?


And I know the chances are you do too!


70 million cups drank a day in the UK!

I love a good coffee in the morning (first thing!), a coffee before my workout and …

Well actually anytime throughout the day!

So is Coffee Good For Fat Loss? 

If your a regular coffee drinker the effects are less potent.

Your body craves and needs more to get the same high and you can also run into periods of fatigue if used for a long time.

If however you use coffee less frequently (let’s say 3-4x per week) and before a workout it can be a great tool for fat loss, mental stimulation and feel good factor. Especially a black coffee.

Moral of the story…

Moderation and timing of nutrients is key. An over abundance of anything can have diminishing returns – be careful not to drink too much coffee as it can make your stomach hurt. Likewise you should be able to include most things into your diet (unless you have an allergy or intolerance) – again moderation, quantity and timing are key. Don’t over do it, use coffee 3-4x per week to gain an advantage and blitz some body fat!