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Is Hiring A Personal Trainer Really Worth It?

Is Hiring A Personal Trainer Really Worth It?

Hiring a PT is a two way relationship…

  • The client pays money
  • The coach spends time with the client

It’s an investment from both ends and the ultimate intention for both parties is to GET RESULTS.

  • The coach wants to help the client make progress
  • The client wants results as a return on their investment

Simple business agreement.

Whether the end result is to compete on a bodybuilding stage, lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness, flexibility, mobility, reduce pain, correct posture, etc…

There is always a goal in mind. In order to achieve this goal will require you to invest time and effort. It won’t just magically happen.

There are 168hrs in a week, even if you train 4 hours per week with a PT, there are still 164hrs left to be accounted for. If in this time you are still overeating, stressing out, and sleeping poorly your results will be extremely limited.

To get results you have to make your fitness/health goal one of your top priorities each week and improve on the areas holding you back…

Often the things that prevent results are…

#1 Mindset issues

Limiting beliefs, low self esteem, bad habits

#2 Physical issues

Injury, poor posture, imbalances, fatigue, lack of exercise

#3 Environment

Negative people, bad boss/colleagues who drag you down, friends who overeat, over party, people who negatively influence you, those who don’t want you to change, etc. All of these situations can affect progress.

#4 Poor Diet

Usually a combination of mindset and environment issues.

A good coach will be able to help you in these areas – providing you are willing to learn, listen and put into action.

In order to improve you’ve got be willing to address what’s holding you back so that you can move forward.

Are you prepared to make those changes?

There’s nothing wrong with saying NO if that’s what you truly want. You’ll save yourself unnecessary stress and money.

But expecting results without addressing the issues above just won’t happen.

‘Changing’ is often difficult, mainly because we aren’t used to the new habit/behaviour and it feels uncomfortable to start with. But being uncomfortable and testing yourself both mentally and physically is where results and personal growth lie.

Hiring a coach or a personal trainer can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make but if you aren’t prepared to fully commit and do the work you’d be better off spending your money elsewhere…