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Is it Easier for Hollywood Actors to Get Ripped? (No Excuses)…

Is it Easier for Hollywood Actors to Get Ripped? (No Excuses)...

If I had a pound for every excuse ever made in regards to losing weight or building muscle; I’d be a quadrillionare right now…(that’s 15 zeros by the way).

As you may know, some of the most skilled people at building muscle and burning fat are Hollywood actors – prepping for a film role.

Some gym goers look at these incredible transformations and think to themselves,

“Yea well I could look like that if I…

  • Had access to the best personal trainers,
  • Took supplements/steroids
  • Had all day to go to the gym..”

The reality is, these celebs pull off such magical before/after transformations because they have a fierce work ethic. Hard work is all these guys know (with it being drilled into them from a young age)…which is how they make it to Hollywood in the first place.

Although they’re some of the best paid people in the world – they’re also some of the hardest working – being in a super competitive industry.

So when a director comes up to Hugh Jackman and asks him to get shredded for Wolverine – he knows that come the day of shooting he’s going to look epic, because all this requires is:

  • Basic knowledge on how to burn fat (which any decent Personal Trainer will know)
  • Hard work in the gym
  • Strict discipline when dieting (out of the gym).

And because Hugh is extremely dedicated to his craft – getting shredded will be a piece of cake (not literally).

A lot of people believe that Hollywood celebrities have an easier time when it comes to getting ripped, but in reality this is just an excuse…

Excuse #1: Access to the Best Personal Trainers

Hiring a personal trainer is a must if you want results because it’s not just about working hard – but working smart. Hollywood actors literally have the best personal trainers in the world at their disposal.

However, there aren’t any secrets when it comes to building muscle and burning fat. Many personal trainers will have the same philosophies, because there are no secrets.

Actually, the hardest challenge a personal trainer can have is trying to motivate someone who’s lazy. And Hollywood actors are anything but.

In reality, personal trainers who work with these actors have the easiest job in the world. They give them the game plan – and they execute it to perfection.

Excuse #2: Access to the Best Supplements

Supplements are very overrated in bodybuilding (most of them are placebos).

Many are looking for a magic pill that will get them ripped to shreds…but it doesn’t exist.

Even the best cutting supplements only work if you kill it in the gym and work your butt off! With supplements the clue is in the name…they’re merely to supplement your diet; so their impact on your gains are minimal.

In terms of steroids, yes some celebrities do take drugs to get hench for films. However, it’s a myth that all the guys who look fricking awesome are on stuff.

Chris Hemsworth is a great example of an actor who got SWOLE, without taking a single steroid when filming in the Thor/Avengers movies. Want evidence that Chris is natty? Read this.

Chris’ transformation was the result of great genetics and hard, hard work in the gym pumping iron everyday – not supplements or steroids (like many think).

Excuse #3: Had all day to go to the gym

I don’t know where this myth came from – that actors have all day to go to the gym.

These guys spend more hours on set than the average person does at work.

Mark Wahlberg was spending 12 HOURS a day on set, when filming Pain & Gain alongside Dwayne Johnson.

…So no more “I’ve been at work all day, I’m tired”, because if these guys can do it, so can you dammit!

Henry Cavill’s work ethic is also to be admired in his prep for the Man of Steel, spending 2.5 hours in the gym, 6 days a week for 5 months straight.

That’s a whole 15 hours a week, which is approximately triple the amount of time an average weight lifter would spend in the gym.

This high volume training was how Henry Cavill was able to gain 20lbs of drug-free muscle. For more evidence that Cavill’s Superman transformation was 100% natural – go here.

What to take from this article?

The reason Hollywood stars work so hard isn’t just because they’re being paid millions, but because they’re true professionals and have a burning desire to succeed and actually look like a superhero.

…These guys also weren’t getting paid millions before they made it big, but I bet you they were working just as hard then, if not harder.

These actors succeed because of this formula;

No Excuses + Hard-work + Pressure = RESULTS

By pressure I mean, they HAVE to look good come a certain date.

If not, their career is at stake.

You too can create a similar pressure for yourself; set certain goals that you have to achieve by a set date. Or you could enter yourself into a fitness competition that’s 6 months away…

The chances are you’ll walk on stage in the best shape of your life.

…Or you’ll feel embarrassed because you didn’t work hard enough.

This is GOOD pressure that everyone needs if they’re going to smash their goals, not just in the gym but in life too.

Another thing to take away from this article is that some of the best Hollywood transformations were done WITHOUT taking steroids.

Thus it IS possible to look as hench as THOR or as ripped as Captain America…but only if you’re willing to replicate these actor’s incredible work-ethics.

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