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Is it sad to workout on holiday?

Working out on holiday

Is it sad to workout on holiday? 

Well that depends. Some people would say “chill out! Your on holiday! Enjoy it!”. But what if I enjoy training? You see the people that would say this see training as a chore.

To me I love it, and I’d rather get up and train than stay in bed for an extra 30 mins. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz!

Training gives me piece of mind, it helps me look better but most importantly…feel better (+ it helps burn of the pizza and 5 whiskeys I had last night !)

To start with training does feel like a chore, you and your body ain’t used to it! Over time if you commit and get into the routine it becomes something you can’t  live without.

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Also if you have any questions id be extremely happy to help. Just give me a holla!

From Sorrento with love,

Nick️ #lepLife

P.S I’m just about to do 50 lengths so I can have another Whiskey or two (maybe 10! )

Italian karaoke won’t know what’s hit it!