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Is Our Society Screwed?


We live in a world of abundance, we have access to pretty much anything and everything we want…

We grab our phone and instantly we can…

  • Skype our friend in Australia 
  • Access work e-mails 
  • Google anything we want  
  • Get restaurant food delivered to our door (damn you Deliveroo! lol!)
  • Connect with friends on Facebook
  • Check out the latest news from around the world
  • Choose from thousands of shows on Netflix 
  • Buy whatever we want online and have it delivered within 24hrs 
  • Follow our favourite celebs on Instagram and Tweet them 

The list is endless!

For most (all of you who are reading this post) our standard of living has dramatically improved, there are over 1 billion less people living in poverty, and we have so much available to keep us stimulated, entertained, and well fed…

Why then, in a world of abundance are so many people…

  • depressed
  • overworked 
  • living in fear 
  • overweight
  • anxious
  • overstimulated 
  • stressed 
  • suffering with low self esteem

How can we have so much available to us, but yet feel so lacking?

In a world of so much noise and distraction are we losing ourselves?

With all the stimulation is it not time to reverse the process and start going back to simpler times? 

Perhaps we’d benefit more by spending…

  • less time watching the news, more time reading books  
  • less time watching Netflix, more time gazing at the stars
  • less time on social media, more time with our real friends
  • less takeouts, more time eating home cooked food
  • less work, more play 
  • less stress, more relaxation

I’ve been trying my best recently to do the above and i’ve noticed a HUGE change to my life, i’m calmer, happier, healthier, more creative, well rested and it’s just because i’ve taken a step back from the chaos and noise online. 

Don’t get me wrong i’m still a sucker for social media and a good Netflix binge, but for me personally, I realised that the balance was out of sync and something needed to change. The excess stimulation wasn’t doing me any favours and I needed to come off the 100mph train and recharge my mental batteries.

I’ve found the following things helpful, if you can relate to this post and want to detox from the chaos here’s what’s helped me (I hope it can help you too):

Set a time limit to social media – you can do this on your phone (set your limit to 20-30 mins per day) 

Switch off the TV after 8pm – go buy a book and read it in bed, do a sudoko puzzle, crossword, take a bath, sit in silence and reflect on the day.

Explore – go out for an evening walk after work, explore new areas of your neighbourhood, venture out for long walks at the weekend. 

Exercise – whether that’s sport, walking, or going to the gym, spend time investing on your health and fitness. 

Ditch the stimulants – take a break from tea and coffee and the need to feel buzzing and stimulated. Let yourself feel tired as you detox and allow your body to heal.

Sleep peacefully at night – switch off your phone 2 hours before bed, take a warm bath, make your bedroom dark and allow yourself to relax into a deep sleep to recharge your batteries. 

Mediate – spend time with your own thoughts. I’d recommend using either the app ‘Headspace’ or ‘Calm’ – meditate in the morning first thing, or just before you go to bed. 

Start a Gratitude Diary – every morning instead of checking your phone first thing, get a notepad and call it your ‘Gratitude Diary’ – each morning write down 3 things that you are grateful for. 

Journal – start a diary, do some writing each day. It could be about the days events, what’s on your mind, worries, successes, lessons learned, whatever! 

Create a vision – have a think about your life and what you want to do with it going forwards. Focus on what makes you smile and the things that bring you joy and happiness. 

If you’re struggling to cope alone then why not reach out to a professional counselor for help. Just make-sure that you do your research and make-sure that they are a licensed counselor and qualified/experienced to be able to help.

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