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Is Your Body Shape A Reflection Of Your Mindset?


The Link Between Mind and Body…

We all have to face challenges on a day-to-day basis. One minute everything is going well but then the next moment we get an unexpected bill, or a family member get’s sick, we lose our job, etc. Things are forever changing and at times it’s difficult to get by!

One thing i’ve noticed the last couple of years is that the people who succeed when it comes to transforming their body shape are always the most resilient, and hardworking people. Regardless of their circumstance they make it happen.

Results Under Challenging Circumstances…

For example, I worked with a single mum a couple of years ago who had 2 kids under the age of 4, but still held down 2 different jobs, and travelled 30 minutes on a bus to see me 2x per week. Despite having no car, and being strapped for time she also fitted in 2 home workouts per week and prepped all of her meals.

In the 6 months that we worked together she managed to lose 29 lbs and drastically changed her lifestyle. We stay in touch and she’s still training 4x per week at the gym!

It would have been easy (and no one would have blamed her) if she used her hectic, single mum lifestyle as an excuse not to workout. She could have said things like “i’m too tired!”… “I don’t have a car!”… or… “I can’t afford it”, etc, etc

This has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had as a coach and it completely changed my thinking. I realised that if she could do it, then so could every other client.

Her attitude was/still is absolutely incredible and whenever I moan about being overwhelmed with work I always think about her and it inspires me to find away to quit the BS and just make some good sh*t happen.

At the opposite end of the spectrum I’ve worked with people who have lots of spare time, plenty of money and resources (home gyms, etc) but who never made the transformation because they didn’t put in the necessary work. They were either too busy, or distracted or simply didn’t want it badly enough!

I can say with 100% certainty that what separates those who get amazing results from those who barely change is a persons mindset and attitude.

In this post i’d like to dissect what I believe to be the winning mindset, so take note if you want to transform you body shape…

#1 Growth Mindset

In over 8,000 personal training sessions one of the things that stands out about clients who achieve amazing results is their attitude to learning. They are willing to ask questions, read, listen and invest in private coaching.

They aren’t stubborn with their opinions or habits and they are willing to look at themselves honestly and cut out the BS excuses! They hold their hands up and ask for help and are eager to look for new ways to learn and grow. Whether that’s with fitness, or their business/career or becoming a better parent they are constantly striving to improve their quality of life and they are prepared to chip away everyday in the attempt to become that little bit better.

#2 Intentions 

It’s more than losing weight or building muscle! The people that transform their body shapes always have a more inspiring motivator to change. It’s often linked to leading a longer, healthier life and often linked with creating a feeling (empowerment, positive attitude, etc) than it is just solely focused on their visual image.

For them it’s more about feeling better about themselves on a day-to-day basis as opposed to “when i lose x amount of weight I will feel happy”. They set motivating intentions and enjoy the journey just as much as getting the results.

#3 There’s Always A Way 

Like I mentioned earlier about the single mum, there’s always a way to make time and commit to change. I’m not saying it’s easy and some people certainly have lots on their plate, but if you want something badly enough you will make it happen.

I’ve worked with students (with little disposal income), single mums, and i’ve also worked with business owners who work 18 hours + per day but they still find time to train and get organised when it comes to nutrition and training. They make it happen and eradicate any excuses. They take full responsibility and realise that it’s a choice they make and no other circumstances are to blame (it’s down to them!)

#4 Big Picture Thinking 

We live in a day and age of quick fixes, for example we can get fast food at a drive through in under 5 minutes, we can spend money online to make ourselves feel instantly better, there’s always something on TV to watch, if we need money we can borrow it easy (despite the million % interest!) everything seems to be an instant, quick fix.

The trouble is that changing your body isn’t an instant fix, it takes time and effort. The people who succeed see the big picture and understand that it’s often years in the making.

Yes you can get great results in 12 weeks if you give 100%, but you have to be able to sustain them and embed your new habits into your mind, and central nervous system – which in my opinion, can take anything upto 6 months. Then the real test is to see if you can continue to improve or maintain your shape for years and years to come.

#5 Move On 

Nobody has a smooth ride, there’s always something that’s going to test you. Most of the people I work with have families, businesses/careers, financial pressures, time constraints, relationship issues, etc, etc. There’s always something that can be used as an excuse.

What i’ve noticed is that the people who change their physique long term are the people who simply ‘move on’, they still get affected by issues and have down days, and days when things don’t go to plan but they always take responsibility for their actions and quickly move on from set backs.

#6 They Treat Themselves With Kindess 

Self sabotaging talk – This is something i see a lot, especially when working with newish clients. When they mess up they really go to town on themselves, blaming their lack of will power and lack of control, basically really beating themselves up psychologically!

The trouble with this is that it reinforces negative behaviours and strengthens the deep underling beliefs which prevent long term change. Imagine speaking to a friend or child like you speak to yourself sometimes, you probably wouldn’t have many friends and you’d make a lot of people upset!

Clients who achieve the best results are often confident and kind with themselves, when they mess up they simply accept and move on. If there’s any negative self talk it quickly turns into positive motivation and they get back up and grow, so that next time it doesn’t happen or they know what to do when it does.

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