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One of my clients came to a session yesterday looking very upset, I could tell immediately from her body language….

Her shoulders were slouched forwards, head down and blatantly not looking forward to the session lol! After 2 minutes of training, it really wasn’t going very well, although her body was there her mind was elsewhere…

I asked her what was the matter?

“I’m tired. I’ve had a bad week. I’ve messed up on my diet again. I haven’t lost any weight and I havent been to the gym!”

Her tone of voice was a defeated one and she was really beating herself up with negative self talk.

I said we could either cancel the session or we could flip this situation into a learning experience?

“What do you mean?”

So I stopped and talked to her, showing empathy for her situation and explaining that we all mess up at times, and make mistakes and that it’s Okay To Mess Up!

Instead of focusing on the negatives we had to flip the focus…

I asked her to name all of the good things that she has achieved since we’ve been working together the last 3 months…

Client – “I can’t really think of any!?!”

Me – “C’mon! Think of one good thing?”

Client – “Well I suppose i’ve nearly lost 2 stone!”

Me – “So you’ve pretty much lost 2lbs per week for 12 weeks! That’s amazing!”

Client – “Yes, i’m quite pleased about that actually”

Me – “Name something else…”

Client – “I guess i’ve exercised a lot more, oh and I’ve eaten a lot better than I used too”

We started to focus on all that she has managed to achieved…

A smile started to form on her face and you could literally see her posture start to grow an inch as her mood lifted.

I then asked her again if she wanted to go home or continue with a session?

She chose the later and trained with passion and enthusiasm 🙂

During every rep I got her to repeat a positive affirmation…

“I can do this”

“I am proud of what i’ve achieved”

etc, etc

The aim was to change the energy in her mind and body and to make her aware that she had done so all by herself. All that was needed was a shift in focus, to remember all the good things, and to give herself some credit.

At the end of the session she walked out with a bounce in her step and ready to kick some ass 🙂

There’s a lesson to be learned from every negative situation, don’t beat yourself up, use it and grow…

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Nick 🙂