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Jan Loses 24kg with LEP Fitness…

Jan Loses 55lbs with LEP Fitness

Jan started at LEP Fitness in January 2020 and has lost four stone (life-changing weight). Alongside weight loss, Jan has lost:

  • 9 inches off his stomach
  • 6.3 inches from his chest
  • 3.1 inches from his legs
  • 2 inches from his arms 

20.4 inches in total

I’ve really enjoyed working with Jan. He’s been a model client. In this article, I wanted to share what we’ve done to help him get in incredible shape, lose weight, and boost confidence.

#1 Training With LEP Fitness 3x Per Week

LEP Fitness personal trainer results

For the first three months, Jan trained with me in the LEP Fitness studio 3x per week. In our sessions, we focus on a mixture of weights (80%) and cardio (20%). For example, here’s a snapshot into one of our personal training sessions:

I like doing circuit training with Jan, using compound lifts, and alternating between muscle groups to allow enough recovery. Most of the time, we stick to a rep range of 8-12 reps. Although sometimes I increase the reps to 15-20 (which Jan isn’t too happy about due to the pain).

After the weights, we finish off with some HIIT cardio, for example, using either the assault bike, rowing machine, or ski erg trainer. 

Some example of our HIIT workouts include:

  • 20s of cycling as fast as possible, followed by 40s slow cycling (repeated for 3 mins)
  • 200m sprints on the ski erg trainer, with 45s rest in between sets
  • 20 calorie row as fast as possible, followed by 45s rest in between sets 

TIP: I never like to do cardio at the beginning of a session (other than a 2-minute warm-up) because it takes too much out of your weight training. Instead, I prefer to do the weight training first and then finish with cardio, especially if weight loss and transforming your body shape are your number one priority.

The combo of weights and cardio have enabled Jan to build muscle, lose fat, and boost fitness all at the same time.

#2 Gym Workouts

Jan loses 4 stone with LEP Fitness in Sheffield

Alongside training with me, and before the lockdown, Jan trained at the gym two times per week, where he did a combination of core workouts and cardio training. His gym workouts were not as intense as our sessions and were mainly focused on burning calories. 

TIP: You don’t need to train with 100% every time you workout. In fact, for most everyday people, I recommend 2-3 intense sessions per week, and 2-3 moderate workouts to allow for recovery. The fitter you are, the more you can push, and vice versa – If you’re new to training, start slow and build up the intensity over 2-3 months. 

#3 Home Workouts

Jan body transformation sheffield

Since we went into lockdown, Jan has trained with me online. At the moment we do virtual personal training sessions. It’s fantastic that he’s still managing to lose weight during lockdown (he’s lost another 7kg). Our home workouts involve a combination of kettlebells, resistance band exercises, and bodyweight drills.

Here are some sample resistance band exercises that we do in our virtual PT sessions:

#4 Supplements 

A few supplements that have helped Jan are whey protein (although now he takes vegan protein as it’s easier to digest). He also takes magnesium to help with sleep, and zinc to boost testosterone.  

#5 Diet 

Jan has successfully created a calorie deficit and, and on average has lost 2.5 lbs per week. His diet is rich in protein and fats, very similar to the 28 Day Keto Challenge Plan which I offer. I wouldn’t recommend a keto diet to everyone, but Jan tried it and felt good on it, so we’ve stuck with it. He will still have some carbs post-workout on training days. His carbs will be either rice, potatoes, or pasta. 

The Future:

I’m still working with Jan, and we’re on a mission to continue losing more weight (not too much more) probably about another 7-14lbs. Jan also wants to build more muscle, so we’ve changed his nutrition and are slowly starting to add calories to his diet. We will do this slowly so that he builds muscle without adding body fat.

Watch this space. I reckon by January 2021 (which will mean we’ve been working together for one year), he will have an incredible body – six-pack, muscles… the full works. Mark my words. I will do another article later this year when we reach our goal. 

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