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Now if you’re a delicate snowflake and can’t take a good pep talk and brutal honesty – then I seriously wouldn’t recommend reading this post as it could offend or upset you.

This is all about cutting through the BS and being totally honest.

Many of you (including me) have probably overindulged over Christmas, i’m talking about high calorie foods (and lots of them!) stuff like; wine, mince pies, chocolates, roast dinners, cheese & crackers, you name it!

Right now you’ll probably be feeling pretty sluggish and wanting to find the quickest solution to burn off all the unwanted fluff and start feeling better again.

For some the fluff will have accumulated over the years. You’ll probably have felt the same about changing your body last year, but the harsh reality is that you haven’t improved and you haven’t done the work on your mind or body.

Another harsh reality is that many of you will be in EXACTLY THE SAME POSITION NEXT YEAR (maybe even worse!)

Many of you will be pumped up for January, and put in some hard graft but come February your work ethic and desire to workout will have waned. But don’t worry you’ll have plenty of valid excuses:

“I don’t have time to go to the gym”

“I have kids!”

“I work long hours”

“it’s too dark and cold in the morning”

“I can’t afford to be healthy”

“Gyms are too expensive”

These are pretty obvious excuses, but your unconscious mind will also tell subtler stories that you’ll believe and ultimately they will hold you back from achieving your goals.

If you really want to do it this time you need to STOP KIDDING YOURSELF & STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

It’s time to put your health & fitness right at the top of your priority list and make it happen no matter what. There are people out there exactly like you (many in worse positions) who are making it happen.

Ive worked with single mums, with little disposal income and limited time, but who’ve transformed their health.

Ive worked with people with eating disorders who’ve gone through serious emotional and psychological pain to rebuild their mindset and relationship with food.

I’ve worked with business owners who work 80hrs a week but still manage to workout 4x per week.

The truth is you can either have EXCUSES or RESULTS but not both.

Nobody said it’s going to be easy. It doesn’t happen overnight, it requires dedication, time and effort but the results are totally worth it.


At the moment I have 0 spaces for personal training but over this next year i’ll be posting loads of free content. I’m not doing this for anything other than trying to help as many people improve their lives as possible.

Yes i’ll be sharing recipes and talking about exercises and fat loss, but i’ll also be helping you with mindset and motivation – which i’ve found are actually far more important. If you get your mindset right the rest will follow.

I also want to let you know that if you have a question at any point or want some help please know that you can drop me a line and I promise I will get back to you. It may not always be straight away as clients come first, but I 100% guarantee I will get back to you and try my darned best to help.

For me this is much more than running a personal training business it’s about…

“Making the World a Healthier and Happier Place”

And that’s the mission that drives me everyday.

owner of LEP Fitness - nickeh screetoni - fitness blogger

Nick 🙂