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Julie’s Amazing Body Transformation : Her Story…


I decided to take this path because I was a middle aged, overweight stress bunny with potential for diabetes and heart attack and looked a mess and didn’t have a plan to sort it out.

No drama then!

I am originally from Manchester, but have lived in Sheffield for the past 15 years and I currently work in recruitment . I love to travel and shop and . . .


Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would say such a thing!

It’s been a tough journey for me and I have had my fair share of struggles.

As Nick always says if it was easy . . .

We would all be doing it!

My Story . . .

At first I really struggled with the nutrition. When I started I thought I would be deprived of food, like the restrictive low calorie diets I was accustomed to in the past.

In fact it was the polar opposite . . .

I found it difficult with the volume of food (if anything too much!) and felt full most of the time, which helped take my mind of the comfort foods.

It was not just the overall volume but all that protein, which I was not used to. I was eating 3-4 meals per day.


If you would have asked me to eat cakes, chocolate or pizza I’d have been fine! lol!

But that’s what started the problem!

From the start Nick told me it was going to be tough, especially the first 4-8 weeks as we had to address the poor habits that had gotten me into this position in the first place. Initially we cut out carbs and upped fats in the diet.

I used to really crave carbs at the beginning, it was tough mentally and physically but as the days progressed it became much easier.

A couple of month’s on my diet and now my diet is far less restrictive and I have a lot more freedom of choice. We have a system that works for me!

You have to be really disciplined at first but it does get easier!

It took quite a while for my body to start changing, as my body started to heal itself from the damage over the years.

We have hit quite a few brick walls over the months but got through each one. I remember after Christmas I really struggled getting back into the exercise routine and my fitness levels dropped.

There have been times when I felt demotivated and giving in. As Nick always reminds me the journey has its ups and downs just like anything in life, you have setbacks but its how you deal with them that matters.


My advice on getting over obstacles . . .

Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get on with it!

That’s how I felt after Christmas. I could  keep the discipline with the food side more or less but the training sessions and going to the gym and doing my own exercise routine was hard.

I just made myself do it although I didn’t enjoy it as much but it started to come back.

Nick gave me some space and was patient although it must have been frustrating!

It has been totally worth it though . . .


The most visible result is the weight loss . . .

28 lbs! (2 stone!)

However prime motivators were to reduce stress and get fitter. I train during my lunch hour and I defy anyone to stress me out after training (though many have tried!!!).

I really look forward to training it’s half an hour of the day that is all mine and I can switch off from work and concentrate on training and do as I’m told (or at least try!)

There is a real difference in my fitness levels from when I started and I feel healthier.

I have also learned a ton of information that has changed the way I think about my body, health and lifestyle, here are a couple of things that stand out:

So far as training is concerned I have learned that I am not a runner. Everyone in Sheffield seems to be out running and they look really cool doing it but it’s not for me. I’d set out on a run and end up walking home and feeling de- motivated and not looking cool.

The penny dropped and I worked out it’s my training, my journey and I need to find something I want to do otherwise I’m not going to sustain it. For me it’s weights.

I think it was probably a relief for everyone because I stopped the whinging!

If you do any research on the internet the benefits, especially for women are fantastic.

As far lifestyle is concerned I don’t eat processed food and at first it was a pain, cooking everything from scratch, cooking in advance for lunches to take to work, pesky tuppaware boxes and lids that seem to disappear but it just becomes a habit.

And because I have worked hard for the results I just can’t let myself go back. I have come too far!

Now I’m further down the track there is far more variation in my diet but I also understand that I have to stick to the principles, non processed, good fats, protein based food and avoid fad diets and diet foods like the plague.

Also exercise needs to be part of my daily life.

The saying . . .

If you dont use it you lose it! comes to mind.

I am proud of myself because . . .

I have never really had a lot of confidence in my physical abilities, probably because I wasn’t remotely fit. I’m no Jessica Ennis but I feel comfortable going to the gym and doing my stuff and this makes me feel good.

A lot of this confidence stems from the training sessions where Nick fully supports me, reminds me how far I have come and teaches me about what I need to do to progress . . .

Always insisting that exercises are done properly and with . . .


Oh and I am not done yet . . .

I want to see how far I can go. There has to be some restraints because of age, my commitment and self discipline but I feel I can do a lot more in relation to my fitness and toning my body and the level of weights I can lift. I just wish I had done this years ago but better late than never.

My advice to anybody looking to undergo a BIG physical transformation . . .

Be honest with yourself and your trainer. You are wasting time for both of you otherwise and accept that changes need to happen to your lifestyle . . .

If you do what you have always done . . .


Good Luck,


P.S. I selected LEP Fitness after doing some research on the web. I read the testimonials on the site and decided to contact Nick. Nick was more selective and met with me and went through my motivation and goals and I passed the “interview”. I am very fortunate and know I definitely struck lucky with Nick and LEP Fitness I would highly recommend him to anyone!