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Kim Kardashian Body | How To Get The Beach Body Look

Kim Kardashian Body | How To Get The Beach Body Look

“I want a Kim Kardashian Body” – that’s one of my personal training clients said to me recently. She wasn’t kidding, so I took some time out to figure out what was required…

After some analysing and research… I put together a plan of action to help my client get in the best shape of her life in time for her summer holiday. I thought it would be good to share those same tips with you – to help those of you out there who are looking to achieve a Kim Kardashian Body.

Why Trust Me?

Sheffield personal trainer | LEP Fitness | Owner and founder

Before I share some tips, you’re probably thinking… “why the heck should we trust you Nick?!?!”. Well in short… I have completed over 10,000 x 1-1 personal training sessions, and have a track record of body transformation results – check out my testimonials here if you don’t believe me. Also most of my client base is women between the ages of 25-35 – so I know how to help women tone up and get in the best shape of their life.

If you’d like to learn more about how to achieve a Kim Kardashian body then please read on – I promise that this post is full of knowledge bombs that will help you…


Before we get into the juicy knowledge bombs i’d like to point out that I have no affiliation with Kim Kardashian (I wish I did!) The info i’m about to share is my own personal opinion about what I believe it takes to get a body like Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian Body | How To Get The Beach Body Look

As of writing this post Kim Kardashian has 141 million followers on Instagram! I know it’s pointing out the obvious… but Kim appeals to the masses, especially females – who admire her beauty. 

There are lots of features that make Kim attractive…

Of course Kim has a beautiful face, symmetrical, attractive and in many peoples opinion…perfect! 

Whilst i’d love to tell you about Kim’s skin routine, eye lashes, make-up and hair… the truth is…i’m a typical bloke… and have no idea about any of this stuff lol! 

BUT i do know how to help a women when it comes to sculpting her figure, and that’s what i’ll be helping you with throughout this post. I will help you with nutrition and exercise, and if you combine the tips that I provide… it will help you to achieve a Kim Kardashian looking beach body in no time!   

Why the Kim Kardashian Look? 

The ideal body is going to be different from person to person, some people like to be skinny, others more curvy, or athletic – whatever it may be as long as you are happy that’s the main thing!

I think that one of the reasons Kim Kardashian’s body is so appealing is because it embodies an overall healthy look. Kim has a fit and athletic look, but it’s not too extreme – and despite what you may think… it’s a very achievable look for lots of young women.

Let’s now look at how to achieve that look… 

Weight Training

Weight Training | Kim Kardashian body

Weight training is becoming more and more accepted amongst women (which is frickin incredible!). For years and years lots of ladies were scared to lift weights because of the following fallacies…

“lifting weights makes you manly”

“women should lift light weights and do lots of reps”

The above are just a few examples which aren’t true! Weights will not make you bulky in 99.9% of cases! The only exception(s) are if you are consuming too many calories alongside lifting weights, or have a hormonal issue (higher testosterone, PCOS, etc) – although again don’t be afraid of lifting weights if you have these conditions. If you are in doubt…make-sure to seek help from a doctor and take advice from a professional personal trainer before undergoing any weight training.

Why do weight training for a Kim Kardashian body? 

Weight training is key when it comes to sculpting a toned figure, and the stronger you get the better! Most ladies opt for lighter weights and higher reps, whilst this can still be beneficial – because high rep training burns lots of calories, I personally find that female clients respond better to heavy lifting with lower reps. For example I’m a big fan of 8-12 reps for each exercise (although I will also include some higher rep work too).


In terms of great exercises to help you achieve the Kim Kardashian look, i’d recommend things such as: deadlifts, squats (wide stance, narrow, jump squats, all types of squats!), DB shoulder press, DB rows, hip thrusts, planks, sit ups, crunches, and lunges. A good personal trainer will be able to put together a program if you’re unsure of how to set up a workout program by yourself. A coach will also demonstrate the techniques and teach you – so it’s worth hiring an expert, even if it’s just for a couple of sessions. 

Free Beach Body Workout Program 

Here’s a full body workout program which I run with lots of my female personal training clients…

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Workout 4

With each workout aim to do 3 sets of each exercise and complete between 8-15 reps. Rest 45-60s in between each set. I would recommend lifting weights 4x per week, and then on your rest days doing some cardio, for example…

  • Monday – weights workout 1
  • Tuesday – 20-30 mins cardio
  • Wednesday – weights workout 2
  • Thursday – 20-30 mins cardio 
  • Friday – weights workout 3
  • Saturday – weights workout 4
  • Sunday – rest day  


Kim Kardashian | Keto diet

The other HUMONGOUS part of the equation as i’m sure you’re already aware is…DIET. As much as i’d like to say that you can take slimming pills and drink diet shakes to get a Kim Kardashian body …the truth is i’d be lying to you…PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! They’ll probably do more harm than good. 


In order to achieve a body like Kim Kardashian you will need to…

#1 Consume lots of protein 

Protein is key when it comes to building lean muscle. If you look at Kim Kardashian’s body it’s very toned – meaning she definitely eats lots of protein. Not only will protein help you improve your body shape and get stronger in the gym, but it will also help you stay fuller for longer – meaning you’ll likely eat less calories and therefore lose weight and find it much easier to stay trim. Make-sure your diet is rich in protein foods, things such as: salmon, cod, hake, tuna, chicken, turkey, eggs, steak, mince, protein shakes/bars, and nuts. 

#2 Reduce carbs

Carbs are not the enemy, they really aren’t! This myth that carbs make you fat is BS! Carbs don’t make you gain weight, too many calories do! That said when trying to trim up and look lean it’s wise to reduce your overall carb intake. Carbs are easy to over consume and will make your body hold onto more water, they can also make you feel bloated. 

I believe that on training days (when you lift weights) you should keep your carbs to around 80–120g per day, but then on your cardio/rest days… try to keep them below 50g. It’s good to have carbs as they give you energy, but not too many carbs! I would recommend good quality carbs like: fruit, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and rice (all types of rice). 

Another approach I like to use is the keto diet, it’s something I use with both my male and female clients and with great success – you can read more about my 28 Day Keto Challenge here if you want to try it out for yourself. Kim Kardashian has also reported to use the keto diet to help improve her body shape.  

The keto diet is a great way to lose weight over a short period of time. In the 28 Day Keto Challenge I tell you exactly what you need to eat and how to train to lose weight quickly and tone up in less than 1 month. 

LEP Fitness | 28 Day Keto Challenge | weight loss diet
results of the 28 Day Keto Challenge – read more about the keto diet

#3 Drink lots of water 

Yes I know this isn’t anything you haven’t heard before! BUT just because something is common knowledge doesn’t mean it’s common practice! Drinking more water will help keep hunger at bay, improve mood, enhance cognitive functioning, and increase your performance in the gym – helping you to lift more, and recover quicker in between sets and workouts. 

I would recommend drinking at the very least 2 litres of water per day, if you can drink more… then that’s even better. If you don’t like water then i’d recommend drinking flavoured water, or low calorie squash. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked the post and it’s given you some insight into what it takes to sculpt a Kim Kardashian figure. 

If you like what you read please comment below, i’d love to hear from you!

If you have any specific questions then please e-mail me directly at nick@lepfitness.co.uk 

Thanks again, and good luck!

LEP Fitness owner Nick Screeton in New York

Nick 🙂