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Libido Boosting Foods : Increase your Sex Drive Naturally in Time for Valentines…


Boost Your Libido by eating these 7 Foods…

Libido Boosting Foods : Increase your Sex Drive Naturally in Time for Valentines...

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of us may be thinking about what we’re going to do to celebrate. Of course, a popular choice is to have some “personal quality time” with our partner – but what about if our libido lets us down, simply telling us that we can’t be bothered?

Thanks to the current pace of living, lots of us find that, actually, our sex lives are the last things on our mind, and with this being the case we may struggle to get in the mood even when we actually want to.

The great news is that there are things that you can do to give your libido a boost, and one of those things is to simply think about what you’re eating. There are a number of foods that can naturally increase your libido…

#1 Oysters

Oysters can boost libido

Many people know that oysters have libido boosting properties, and sometimes the thought of them alone is enough, thanks to the fact that they are linked with luxury and elegance. It is thought that the high levels of zinc and amino acids are responsible for the effect, so if you’re out for dinner and oysters are on the menu, it makes sense to give them a try.

#2 Truffles

chocolate boosting libido food

This is another food that is considered rather luxurious, and there is proven evidence that eating truffles can raise your libido. This is thought to be due to the fact that they contain androstanol, which is a pheromone in pigs – specifically for the purpose of attracting female pigs. It may not seem like the most glamourous idea to help you boost your libido, but if it works, it works!

#3 Figs

eat figs to boost your libido

Figs can be used in many dishes, so you may find that you are able to start adding them into things that you are making at home. They work largely thanks to the fact that they contain magnesium, which is a mineral that is needed in both men and women in order to produce the hormones necessary to kick-start the libido. There is also some thought that the actual shape of the fig itself, and the texture, may be reminiscent of the female form – which can hint towards fertility and love-making, too.

#4 Walnuts and Almonds

how to boost your libido with food

There are lots of benefits eating walnuts and almonds, which means that they should be part of a healthy diet at all times, but a particular benefit is the boost that they can give to your sex drive. This is mostly due to the protein that they contain, which can not only encourage us to want sex, but also give us the energy that we need during the act, too. You could either snack on these on their own, or add them to your desserts!

#5 Asparagus

can asparagus boost libido?

Phallic appearance aside, the benefits of asparagus go far beyond their suggestive form. The folate and vitamin B6 that they contain can boost arousal, and also improve the experience of orgasm, too – which is all the more reason to add them to your plate. The great news is that asparagus can go with almost any meal that you might be cooking, as it is a fantastic vegetable option.

#6 Watermelon

eat watermelon to boost sex drive

It’s always good to have plenty of fruit and veg in your diet, and watermelon certainly seems to have the added benefit of boosting libido, too. There are three main things that make this the case – lycopene, beta-carotene and citrulline. These work to relax your blood vessels and improve your sex drive at the same time, which means that not only will you look forward to sex, but you will also be able to enjoy it without feeling stressed, too, thanks to the relaxing properties.

#7 Sweet Potato

sweet potato fries to boost sex drive

There are lots of benefits to eating sweet potatoes. They contains beta-carotene which enhances libido, along with vitamin C and vitamin A – both of which have been shown to have a positive influence on fertility. You can use sweet potato as a substitute for normal potatoes in many dishes, meaning that it’s very easy to incorporate them into your diet.