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Lose Body Fat In Just 60s A Day With This Simple Trick …


The first thing newbies say when they come to see me for Personal Training Sessions or a Custom Meal Plan . . .

I want to lose body fat as quickly as possible!

Ok I get that hombre!

I am going to teach you how to . . .

Lose Body Fat In just 60s A day With One Simple Trick

I have found this trick to be incredibly useful for beginners.

For those who have tried extreme diets in the past, you know the ones where . . .

You eat chicken and broccoli 4x a day?

Drink a juice based diet for 2 weeks?


South Beach Diet?

I mean I could run a marathon (I haven’t ran in 3 years! bad knee problemzzz!)┬áin the time it would take me to list all the diets on Planet Earth.

So this tip is going to help beginners get the ball rolling.


So How Do I Lose Body Fat In just 60s A day With This Simple Trick Nick?

Eat eggs for breakfast!


Is that it? I hear you say in a Scouse accent

Yes Sir!

Yes Maddam!

Why will this tip help me lose body fat every morning?

Here are 5 Reasons (I could probably list another 15!)

  1. Eggs take less than 60s to cook (unless you cannot cook an egg! please learn…)
  2. Eggs are ridiculously cheap! 13p an egg in Tesco!
  3. Eggs in the morning means you start the day positively, also meaning you are more likely to eat healthier throughout the rest of the day and therefore lose even more body fat! winner winner chicken dinner!
  4. You are stabilising your bodies blood sugar levels as soon as you wake. This will reduce cravings throughout the day, you will also avoid the energy crash that comes with sugary, carb based breakfast!
  5. An average egg contains 6g of protein! thats 6g of muscle building material. Whether your a male or female looking to lose weight you should be looking to keep as much muscle as possible (thats a story for another day . . .)

7 Eggs You Can Eat To Lose Body Fat

  1. White chicken eggs
  2. Brown chicken eggs
  3. Quail Eggs
  4. Duck Eggs
  5. Turkey eggs
  6. Bantam eggs
  7. Goose eggs

Get creative, and mix it up!

Last week I purchased 24 Duck Eggs from Sheffield market. If I had to describe my experience of the eggs in 3 words . . .

Bloooming deliciously supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !

6 Ways To Cook Your Morning Eggs

I have taken the time to research 6 recipes for you, I made sure that :

  1. There Delicous
  2. Plenty of Variety
  3. Save You Time

Bonus Tip!

Cook your eggs in 10g of oil, some fantastic options include . . .

  • Olive
  • Coconut
  • Rapeseed
  • Flaxseed

You will have more energy both physically and mentally. Not a bad investment for 5s work?

Small Habits Lead To BIG Change

Eating eggs for breakfast is a great starting point for all the reasons listed above.

Remember every journey starts with a single step.


Good luck on your journey and please give me a holla if you need any extra help along the way.

I can even design a Custom Meal Plan for you, train you on a 1-1 basis or speak with you via the telephone and Skype.