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Loving My Workouts At The Moment : Here’s What I’ve Been Up To At The Gym…


Last Christmas, and just before the new year I wrote down a bunch of goals that I wanted to achieve in 2018. 

One of those goals was to make-sure that I worked out 4x per week (208 sessions in the year). So far i’ve stuck to that goal and I’m committed to seeing it out! high five! 

For most of this year my training has been quite loosely planned, i’ve done things that I enjoy, for example athletic training, speed work, power, a bit of strength training and plenty of cardio, things like walking, rowing, cycling and even some running! 

Whilst being flexible with my approach has been fun, i’ve lacked direction and so recently i’ve designed a new workout plan for myself to follow which consists of:

  • 3 x bodybuilding weights sessions per week
  • 1 x psycho cardio challenge 

Basically 3 of my sessions focus on building strength and muscle, whilst 1 session per week focuses on improving both my anaerobic (sprinting) and aerobic fitness (endurance). 

The three weights sessions per week are broken down into:

  • Workout 1 : Push (chest, shoulders and triceps)
  • Workout 2 : Legs (quadriceps, hamstrings and calfs)
  • Workout 3: Pull (back, biceps and abs)

I’m two weeks into my program and i’m really enjoying it. Each week I do what i’ve called a PSYCHO CARDIO CHALLENGE (lol!) basically something that really tests my fitness. 

For example:

  • Week 1: 40km bike ride
  • Week 2: 3 mile run, 100 pull ups, 100 push ups 
  • Week 3: 10,000m row 
  • Week 4: 20 minute incline run on a 15% incline treadmill 
  • Week 5: Jog for 60 minutes
  • Week 6: Jog to Encliffe Park from my house (2 miles) 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups
  • Week 7: 60 minutes of sled pushing (40-60kg) 
  • Week 8: Walk 50,000 steps (approx 5-7 hours of walking!) 
  • Week 9: Sprint up Carterknowle Hill (horrible! lol!) 
  • Week 10: 200 burpees, 200 squats, 200 push ups, 5 minute plank 
  • Week 11: 20km bike ride, 10km run, 5,000m row 
  • Week 12: 20x100m sprints

So far i’m loving the program (although it’s hard and I ache from head to toe all of the time!)

I will keep you updated on the results 🙂 

Thanks for reading,

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Nick 🙂