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Lower Back Pain : Try These 4 Simple Stretches for Relief…


Do you Suffer with Lower Back Pain? 

Lower Back Pain : Try These 4 Simple Stretches for Relief...

There are many reasons that people may suffer – but those who do often find that it interferes with their lives to the point that they are unable to complete their daily activities without being in constant pain.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, then the first thing to do is see a doctor – as there can be certain causes, such as kidney problems, which will require medical attention. However, the good news is that the majority of back pain is due to strain or muscular problems, which means that they can be relieved at least in part by regular stretches.

No matter what your physical condition, or how much time you have in your day, there are things that you can do to ease lower back pain – and this article will demonstrate 4 stretching exercises that you can use to help…

#1 Knee to Chest Stretch

lower back stretch 1 

Sometimes, we experience lower back pain because our pelvis has been misaligned due to physical activity, and if this is the cause of your pain then this stretch is likely to help. For this, you should lie on a comfortable surface – but not too soft – on your back, and point your toes up to the ceiling. Taking your time, bend one of your knees, pulling your leg towards your chest. Hold this for around twenty seconds, before slowly moving back to your starting position. You should then repeat this with your other leg, and do the same thing three times.

#2 Lying Knee Twist

lower back stretch 2

If your para-spinal muscles need to be strengthened, then this is the perfect exercise to try. For this one, you should start by lying on your back, and then bend one of your knees up, crossing it over the opposite side of your body. You should hold it in such a way that you can feel a gentle but not uncomfortable pull in your lower back, then stay in this stretched position for around 20-30 seconds. This should be done three times on each side.

#3 Cat/Cow Position

lower back stretch 3

This stretch should be started with you on a comfortable surface on all fours. You should alternate between arching your back with your head down, and rounding your back with your head up straight. You should move slowly between the two, and stay in each position for around ten seconds each time. This should be repeated ten times, and all movements should be as gentle as possible.

#4 A Restful Pose

lower back stretch 4

This is something that is used a lot in yoga, and can be used to gently stretch your back. You should start by getting into position on the floor, on your hands and knees. Your knees should be slightly apart, just wider than your hips. When you are comfortable being in this position, you should slowly put your arms in front of you and place your head on the floor. This should be held for around 20 seconds and you should then go back to the starting position. Repeat this four times each time you do this exercise. 

Practice Makes Perfect…

By regularly taking part in these exercises, you should find that they will ease your pain. The majority of the above stretches can be done any time, even if your only spare time is when you are watching television during the evening. By doing these stretches regularly, you will soon start to see the difference, and hopefully enjoy freedom from lower back pain.