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Lupin Flakes – how they can help you get leaner, stronger and also taste awesome!


They other day I bought some Lupin Flakes by Revolupin after an LEP Fitness client had recommended them as a great way to boost overall protein intake for the day.

The client that recommended the Lupin Flakes is a vegan and therefore finds it hard to get in her daily goal of consuming 150g of protein. I thought i’d give them ago and I have been very impressed with the taste and the quality of ingredients. 

I thought it would be good to share my thoughts and discuss the benefits of Lupin Flakes and how they can help you to get leaner, stronger and improve overall health…

#1 Protein Intake

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your body shape or just generally want to be healthier, protein should be a key part of your diet. As well as supporting your muscles after an intense workout, protein also supports your hair, nails and skin. 

The trouble is that protein rich foods can be expensive, for a example for a good quality steak you could be looking at £5-8 per piece. Other protein rich foods like chicken, and salmon can also be expensive. 

Lots of people will use Whey Protein shakes, and although they can be a great way to boost your overall protein intake, they contain dairy – which can lead to bloating and inflammation. There are also lots of extra artificial ingredients added in which aren’t good for your health in the long run. 

When you buy Lupin Flakes you can increase your daily protein intake, in fact the flakes have…

  • 3x more protein than whole eggs
  • 3x more protein than quinoa

The added protein intake from Lupin Flakes can help you get stronger in the gym. If you’re trying to get lean they are also an excellent food choice because they only contain 129 kcals per 40g serving!    

#2 Added Fibre

You’ll probably have heard that fibre is good for you?

Fibre helps you digest food and can keeps your bowels healthy. This is really important for those of you out there looking to improve your overall health, body composition and lose weight.  

Foods rich in fibre are fruit and vegetables. Alongside fruit you can also increase fibre intake through wholemeal foods like brown pasta and wholemeal bread. That said lots of pasta and breads contain wheat and gluten which can cause leaky gut, inflammation and other problematic issues which can damage health. 

In the UK it’s recommended that you try and consume 30g of fibre per day, to put this in perspective that’s around 10 bananas per day! Although you wouldn’t eat this amount of bananas, you would pick other fruit and vegetables too! That said it can be very difficult to complete the 30g fibre goal each day and fruit and vegetables can be expense!

One of the reasons I like Lupin Flakes is that they contain a whopping 15g of fibre per 40g! That’s half of your daily fibre goal consumed in just one meal! That means if you have 40g of Lupin Flakes per day you’d only need 1-2 pieces of fruit and 1-2 meals rich in vegetables to hit your target. That said for people new to Lupin Flakes I’d recommend only starting with 10-20g and slowly building up over 1-2 months, so that your body gets used to the fibre.

#3 Prebiotic 

Prebiotics improve the functioning of gut health, by increasing healthy bacteria, improving digestion and enhancing the bodies production of valuable vitamins. Having healthy gut bacteria is absolutely imperative and will strengthen your immune system so that you train harder and lead a better quality of life. 

People will often focus on exercise and diet but pay little attention to gut health. Our gut is one of the most important organs in the body, because it’s responsible for digesting food and also because it contains billions of neurotransmitters. In fact 95 percent of the body’s serotonin is found in the bowels! 

If you look after this powerful organ it will help you, providing you treat it well. That said if you abuse it with poor quality foods it can lead to depression, mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, food cravings, etc 

The bottom line is that you must respect your gut and take good care of it! Lupin Flakes are packed full of prebiotics and a great food source to add into your diet.

Recipes and How To Use…

There are lots of ways to use Lupin Flakes, personally I like to keep things simple. I make up a protein shake each morning which consists of: 300ml unsweetened almond milk, 25g almond butter, 15g honey and 40g Lupin Flakes, sometimes i’ll throw in a scoop of dairy free ice cream too!  Firstly, I cook the 40g of Lupin Flakes in 300ml almond butter (cooking them like porridge) and then I throw everything into a blender, belnd up, and then enjoy the shake upon waking.

You can also use the flakes in porridge, soups and stir frys! for more recipes check out the Revolupin recipe page 

Thanks for reading,

Nick 🙂