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How Many Times Per Week Should Personal Trainers See Their Clients?

How Many Times Per Week Should Personal Trainers See Their Clients?

Obviously the more time we spend with our clients the easier it will be to help them! But not everyone can afford to invest hundreds of pounds each week paying for 3-5 personal training sessions!

In this post I will delve deep into the question…How Many Times Per Week Should Personal Trainers See Their Clients? Exploring some of the different options available and appropriateness of each depending on the client you are working with….

Frequency Is Key…

I remember a very famous UK personal trainer once saying to me that it’s much better to do 30 sessions with a client over 10 weeks (3 sessions per week) than it is to do 30 sessions over 30 weeks (1 session per week).

Despite the total amount of sessions being the same, the person training more regularly is far more likely to achieve better results due to the more frequent interaction with an expert.

Whilst I definitely agree with this, especially for beginners I do believe that there are other options available, let’s look a little deeper.

1 x Session Per Month/Online Personal Training…

From my experience this never really works, that’s unless your client has been training for a long period of time and is able to self motivate without the constant need of a coach.

Nowadays, the only time I’ll take somebody on as an online client or train somebody once per month is if the client has been training properly for at least 1-2 years and is able to execute the exercises correctly and is very self motivated.

1 x Personal Training Session Per Week…

I see a lot of my clients only 1x per week. Most of these people have either been with me for at least 1 year and are well and truly into the routine of working out or already have a wealth of gym experience and therefore don’t need to see me as often.

Providing you are giving your clients gym and diet plans to follow and providing they are actually following them, 1x per week can work very well for the more experienced trainee.

2-3x Per Week…

This in my opinion is absolutely ideal for most, especially for beginners or people who are out of the routine. Seeing somebody 2-3x per week will allow you to spend more time with your client, build a deeper relationship and teach them much more quickly.

For most beginners, training 1x per week is simply not enough, a lot can happen in a week. Although you may make progress in one session, its very easy for clients to slip back into old habits before they come to see you again. It ends up being Ground Hog week and it’s hard to make improvements using this method.

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