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Michael Jordan : How To Turn A Setback Into A Positive


I was pencilled in to have an operation on my sinuses at the Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital today (Wednesday 15th April) but it got cancelled at the last minute due to a cancer patient needing urgent treatment.


At first I was annoyed, like when your partner pinches the last  chocolate biscuit and . . . when your absolutely starving marving . . .

But I quickly got over it.

I have learned this year how to turn set backs into positives.

Setbacks happen nearly everyday, it is how you deal with them that matters.

You can moan like a little biatcccch or you can take the higher ground and flip the track like a DJ at Sankeys!

One thing I have added into my personal repertoire this year . . .

Is to to ask myself this question whenever something bad happens.

I ask myself this . . .

What is good about this bad situation?


See there is good and bad to come from every situation.

You get a job promo and a healthier salary (yaaaay!) . . . but you have to work longer and spend less time with your fam. That is good and bad right?

Maybe you missed out on an opportunity, or perhaps a client failed to sign up . . . this is bad right?

But you can flip it.

Say you get stuck in a traffic jam . . .

Arghh! Grrrr!

You can take your anger out by honking the horn! using all the swear words your mother told you never to say! or you can use your time as best as possible given the situation you are in.

If your stuck in a traffic jam maybe you could . . .

Listen to a podcast, learn some cool new info from a book! or even blast out a bit of Spice Girls and have a rave on the M6 Motorway!

You get me blaaad?

When one door closes another one opens and all that jazz!

When I found out that my operation was cancelled It would have been very easy for me to be a grumpy old git . . .

Why Me?

This is not fair?

I am so unlucky!

After all I am a self employed Sheffield personal trainer, I booked 5 days of work and for what?


Well actually that is a lie.

I flipped the situation on it’s head faster than Daniel Saaaaan flips over his enemies in Karate Kid!


Paint the fence!

Wax on Wax off!


I looked for the good in the situation. . .

5 days off!

And guess what so far I have listened to 4 podcasts, read a novel, been for a walk in the peak district, been out for a meal with my girlfriend, completed 2 gym sessions, booked in to see the dentist (hmmm!), wrote 3 blogs and cooked more food than Gordan Ramsey!

It’s only day 2 of 5!

But most importantly I feel happy about how I flipped the situation.

All of the above would never have happened had my op not been cancelled.

I would probably be sat in some brightly lit hospital room, which smells of disinfectant, sat in a pair of those funny underpants they supply you with (I am sure they do this for a laugh!)

Moral of the story . . .

Always look for the good in every situation.

There is goodness all around you. You have the power to chose what you want to focus on, so focus on what makes you happy.