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Yolkie Dokie Muscle Building Feast : Protein Galore…


 Muscle Heaven…

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Fill your tummy for longer with this beauty & the beast from the east.

Packed with protein and essential nutrients for skin, hair, nails and muscles from Brussels!

Oh and it only takes 15 minutes to cook and the taste is bufftinggggg!


  1. Chicken
  2. Bacon
  3. Eggs
  4. Mixed veg
  5. Grass fed butter

How To Cook: 

Fry chicken in grass fed butter (4-8 minutes), add bacon in half way, cook until crisp.

Put your veg in boiling water for 5 minutes (or microwave if your in a rush ).

Fry an egg (or 2! If your greedy like me ) and serve BOOM!!!!

Bobs your uncle!

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