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Must-Have Travel Accessories for Fitness and Tech Enthusiasts…

Must-Have Travel Accessories for Fitness and Tech Enthusiast

Travelling and working out usually don’t go hand in hand. Since travelling requires you to be easily adaptable and flexible, finding the right place and time to exercise can be more difficult than it seems. Still, for those who are really into fitness, there’s a way to achieve it. If you’re someone who loves to work out and your gadgets, here are the most important accessories you’ll need on your next trip:

1. A pair of quality headphones/earphones

gym headphones

There’s no workout without music, right? Well, the majority of people who exercise prefer to do it while listening to music, and if you find yourself jogging on a remote beach somewhere, make sure you have a good pair of earphones that will block out all of the excess noise to get you into the running mood.

Bose QuietControl 30 headphones are a perfect choice, since they’re noise-cancelling and also super comfortable which is especially important for any fitness lover. Your ears won’t feel any pain even after longer workouts! With the proper earphones, you can exercise as much as you want, at any place you choose to!

2. Air purifier

Air purifier for health

Experienced travellers will tell you that, in certain hotel rooms, the air can feel a little bit different. That’s why having a portable air purifier is definitely something that you should invest in, especially if you have difficulties breathing when you’re at a new place. The Wynd air purifier cleans up the air around you and the accompanying Air Quality Tracker app can tell you how dirty the air is. That way, you’ll know whether to be worried or not. Having quality air is important if you’re travelling to places with high humidity and places with polluted air. An air purifier can come in handy if you’re doing yoga or meditating. 

3. Something to track your progress with

fitness tips for travellers

If you find yourself abroad on your own, having a gadget that can help you track your progress is of great help, especially if you’re used to working out with a personal trainer or your gym mates. If you’ve been thinking about getting something to help you exercise, the Apple Watch is a great choice for you, since it helps you track the number of minutes you spend exercising. Aside from that, it also tracks your heart rate, and breathing rhythm.

4. A light yoga mat

Travelling and working out can be tricky since you never know where you’ll end up. Even if you book a good-rated hotel, you still need to be sure that the floor is comfortable for you to do your exercises. That’s why it’s advisable to have a light yoga mat with you, even if you’re not actually doing yoga. 

It’s important to stay safe while you exercise, and a yoga mat can offer plenty of benefits. It keeps your body warm while you work out and it also limits your exposure to germs which also reduces the risk for diseases. In case you’re worried about how to pack it into your suitcase, there are many ways to do it! 


After you’ve equipped yourself with all the right gadgets, the only thing left is quality and comfy gym wear which can help you reach your daily fitness goals without excess sweating. You can have the best tech tools possible, but nothing beats having good track pants or shorts. Remember that even before you start working out, you need to like what you see in the mirror, and having the proper clothes can surely help you there.


These accessories are only a few amongst many that can help you travel in peace, especially if you’re more tech and fitness oriented. You can always make your own list of accessories, with gadgets that are maybe better suited to your needs. Just remember to always charge your batteries!