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My Favourite Cheat Meal of all time…


Yep, This just went down the hatchet…

My Favourite Cheat Meal Of All Time... - by sheffield personal trainer nickeh screetoni

If I told you I just ate 2 pizza’s, 4 cookies and drank 1.5 litres of Coke in one sitting would you believe me? 

Well I did! Call me a greedy git (I don’t mind!) but it was frickin amazing. People are often surprised to hear that I eat so called ‘unhealthy foods’, especially when i’m a personal trainer. To be fair it doesn’t really go hand in hand does it? It would be like seeing the local vicar raving at your friends house party (lol! I literally just laughed at my own joke! oh dear!)

Truth be told I’m only human and I love a good treat every now and then. To me life is too short to constantly be living off rabbit food (I get sick of salads all the time!). One thing i’ve realised is that you can eat anything you like and still get in shape. The devil however is in the dose. Do I eat pizza everyday? most definitely not! But I do enjoy a good cheat meal.

The frequency with which I will have cheat meals will depend on my current goal. If my aim is fat loss, my cheat meals are obviously going to be far less (every 1-2 weeks). If however i’m trying to slap on muscle tissue i’ll have more cheat meals (potentially 2x per week).

Anyhow here’s the full cheat meal breakdown:

  1. Medium Mighty meaty pizza (thin crust! gotta get that in to make me feel better) – 1,320 calories
  2. Medium Margarita pizza  (another thin crust! haha) – 1,240 calories
  3. 4 Cookies – 332 calories
  4. Garlic Dip – 353 calories
  5. Coke Zero (how many calories? er ZERO… durrrr!)

The grand total = 3,245 calories!

It’s a good job i’m doing a 50km bike ride tomorrow!

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👱💪 Nick