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My Favourite Testimonial Ever…


This is why I do what I do ❤️

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I put my heart and sole into LEP Fitness. I love it like a parent loves a child, I’m constantly trying to add value to the lives of the people i’m fortunate enough to work with.

This week I received and awesome testimonial and it reminds me that my efforts are helping change people’s lives for the better.

Testimonial from Karl…

“To describe nick simply as a personal trainer is like describing a Ferrari as just a car…..a HUGE understatement!

Nick is truly somebody quite special.

Not just in terms of his knowledge but his enthusiasm and genuine commitment to get the best from you.

I would recommend Nick to anybody, be that somebody who has just started training but especially somebody who has trained for years.

Even though I have personally trained for over 10 years, the fact he could show me subtle differences in body posture and hand grip to maximise my bench press is simply staggering – it still takes my breath away.

Also, his diet plans are something out of this world. This guy can shake up your training for all the right reasons.

And he’s a top bloke who even help me with my business and gave me some unbelievable ideas.

If you are serious about training – see him”

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