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My Thoughts On Fame, Success, Beauty & Power. . .




We live in a society that ‘brackets’ fame, success, beauty, power and wealth into a top league. That’s why in my opinion so many people in life seek what I have just mentioned (fame, success, beauty, power and wealth). Anything less than the above means you’re a ‘failure’.

It seems like life is about creating a false image, like the ones on social media, seeing who can get the most ‘Likes’, and cultivate the most ‘Followers’. The aim is to ‘live the dream!’ and be the next Justin Bieber, Beyonce, or some kind of super hot skinny model with a perfect body and loads of adoring fans.

A Trip Down Memory Lane. . .

When you look back at history divides have always been present in society:

  • In Antiquity : Conflict between slaves and citizens
  • The Middle ages : conflict between feudal lord and serf
  • Later on the battle between aristocracy and citizen

In society there is always going to be a divide between the rich and the poor, the intelligent and unintelligent, the beauty and the beast.

You are going to get judged by people no matter what, whether your overweight, skinny or muscular your going to get s**t thrown at you at some point.

I have been fortune to work with a large number of people over the years; the old, the young, the fit and unfit, rich and poor. One thing I can promise you is that your background makes very little difference.

One thing that does make a difference . . .

“How you perceive yourself”.

I have said this many times before but . . .

If you are undergoing a body transformation to impress other people, gain popularity, etc because you believe your life will be better then you will be very very disappointed.

From my experience the clients that get the best results are the ones who don’t lay all their eggs in 1 basket, there’s much more to life. We all have insecurities and imperfections but the truly successful people seek to look for the positives and accept that they are on a journey to get better.

They are aiming for progress not perfection. These people are already happy with their lives. They don’t need a constant supply of compliments, or ego boosters, they feel comfortable with who they are and positively embrace imperfections.

I have said this once before and I’ll say it again, be happy with what you have. Seek improvement and strive to be better but more importantly appreciate the finer things in life : health, family, friends, having a constant supply of food/water, being able to work, have a roof over your head, the ability to see, walk, talk, hear, etc. We all have good and bad stuff going on in our lives all the time, it’s up to you to choose what you focus on . . .