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No Training Just Talking…

No Training Just Talking…

During some sessions with clients we don’t do any training whatsoever! We just talk!

We talk about Coronation Street, Big Brother, and I’m A Celeb! lol

But all jokes aside, I do spend some sessions just talking with clients. During these sessions we delve deep into what’s holding them back. I’m not talking about the superficial stuff like not being able to follow a diet or exercise program!…. but the real issues that hold people back.

95% of the day we are on autopilot – our programmed subconscious mind is leading the way. This is why for some, years go by and they stay exactly the same. They are literally having the same thoughts, taking the same actions and getting the same results! Nothing ever changes!

As Einstein once said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result”

In my opinion 95% of people need much more than a diet plan and exercise regime. They need support, they need to be aware of their emotions and see the habits and limiting beliefs that prevent them from achieving what they truly want and what they deserve.

I know that if I hit a mental breakthrough with a client they are going to go and kick ass! Much more than me telling them…” c’mon 5 more reps!” or shouting at them like some psycho military instructor!

Over the past few years i’ve realised that my role is much more than being a personal trainer…

It’s about empowering people to be the best version of themselves.

It’s about listening to my clients, empathising, seeing the world from their perspective and then providing guidance and solutions.

It’s not hard to stick a client on brutal diet and get them training 5x per week to force a physical transformation in 12 weeks…

But what I find much more inspiring are those coaches who care more about the person and their long term well being. Coaches who invest quality time building up their clients confidence and helping them push through not only physical but mental barriers. Coaches who empower their clients to ‘live and breathe’ the healthy lifestyle, not only in body but mind and spirit.

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Nick 🙂