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Nutrients Bar: Getting The Right Cocktail For Your Workout


A healthy diet should include all of the major food groups for health purposes. Yes, even fats! Without carbs and protein and fats, the body won’t be able to workout to its maximum. For anybody trying to build mass or lose weight, this is a problem as it means something is missing and you’ll never reach your goal.

Although the solution seems obvious, it isn’t straightforward because saying “I’m going to eat a more balanced diet” isn’t the answer. If it were, you would have done it before.

So, what are the secrets to make sure your body gets the perfect nutrients balance?


The sad fact is most people don’t know they are missing key ingredients because they don’t know they exist. Everyone knows about vitamins A and C, but what about B? Where does that come from and what does it do? If you’re struggling to answer, it’s a sign to swot up on your knowledge and to do some health revision. WebMD has an excellent post which details seven of the most important nutrients you might be missing. Give it a look and then research the relevant food groups, as well as the possible meals. Understanding how easy it is to cook an unknown dish is half the battle.


Eat the same things over and over and you’ll consume the same nutrients. It isn’t rocket science, yet people make this mistake all the time. After all, humans are creatures of habit and it’s tough to change. Plus, there’s the fact that no one wants to waste a meal when they don’t have many calories to play with anyway. Still, your diet doesn’t have to alter massively. For example, you can replace standard fruits with exotic ones, such as swapping a banana for an avocado. The same goes for leafy greens and meats. Rather than beef, try a fillet of fish with plenty of fatty acids.


Depending on the range of foods in your diet, there might be some essential ingredients which are sorely lacking. Iron and cod liver are two very good illustrations as they are only present in certain things. Thankfully, there is no need to worry about a potassium deficiency as long as you take the right pills. Iron and cod liver have been mentioned, as have vitamins, but there are loads more you can find at a supplement store. MK-47 is popular at the moment, along with Carda Rage, yet nothing beats cannabis oil.


Not to say the vegan or vegetarian movements are fads, but they aren’t all-encompassing. There are lots of good things to say about each; however, the truth is there are dietary deficiencies. Everybody needs a balance of carbs, fats and proteins, the latter being found in meats. Of course, the leaner the better as there are fewer saturates, and you can go organic also to help save the planet. But, don’t be encouraged to cut them out altogether as it won’t help in the gym.

Now there’s a cocktail which is tasty and healthy in equal measure.