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Outdoor exercise ideas for Autumn…

Outdoor exercise ideas for Autumn...

Do you love getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of Autumn?

Want to be healthier?

If that’s you, exercising at this time of year is so enjoyable!

Combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise is one of the best ways to lower cholesterol. Whether you’re watching the changing colours in trees as you cycle by or feeling the rustle of the leaves as you jog along, Autumn is a great time of year to kick start a new regime.

Ready? Here are a few of the best exercises to try…

The joy of jogging

Pop your headphones in and take in the scenery on a leisurely jog. Or, take them out and make the Autumnal birdsong the soundtrack for your run. In terms of what to wear, think layers – it’s really easy to take a lightweight jacket off and wrap it round your waist. Also, go with clothing that will make you visible to cars and cyclists, particularly if you’re going to run when the light is fading.

Get on your bike

There’s nothing like the changing colours of Autumn, and one of the best ways to get out and see them is with a long cycle ride in the countryside. Stick to well known trails or be adventurous and take it to the hills. Either way you’ll be boosting your fitness and burning calories in some glorious scenery.

Long walks

Of course you might prefer a more sedate experience. Long Autumnal walks can be just as rewarding, fitness-wise, and you’ve got more time to take everything in. Rather than sprinting past or having to focus on staying on two wheels, you’ll be able to appreciate the foliage and wildlife a little more. You can make it a whole lot harder by venturing into the hills, upping your pace or by increasing the length of time you walk for.

Added bonus: exercise is one of the best ways to lower cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. Double added bonus: when you exercise outside in Autumn, it’s a beautiful experience too!


Why not take a long weekend break to a national park and go on a 1-2 day hike with friends? You can burn anything up to 600 calories per hour depending on the incline and speed of the hike. All you need is some good walking gear, and a rucksack with all of your essentials. Make-sure to take plenty of water, wear suitable walking boots, bring your climbing carabiners and take some hydration tablets to keep you going for the day.