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Overcoming Cancer & Leading A Prosperous Life…


I have known Jack for the best part of 7 years. We met in halls at Sheffield Hallam University back in 2008/2009. We became great friends throughout the 3 years of University and stay in touch to this day. Our friendship has been cultivated on sharing the same interests: we both played Junior Ice Hockey, and have always shared a HUMONGOUS passion for Fitness. It’s kind of funny that we have ended up on a similar paths, both owning our own Personal Training Businesses.


We are both constantly hunting to better ourselves and help others along our journeys. I have always looked up to Jack for many reasons, he is determined, works hard, and most importantly has a BIG heart. Jack’s has a lot to offer to the world and I believe his story is one not to be missed that’s why I have collaborated with him to put together this piece. I will let Jack take over now, without further ado . . . .

Overcoming Cancer & Leading A Prosperous Life : By Jack Brunet

Success takes time. It doesn’t matter what your pursuing, having a deep emotional root, too why you do what you do allows you to develop a clear path and increase your likelihood off achieving success.

I was once told . . .

“I don’t look like the type to have had cancer”.

As far as I’m concerned, cancer doesn’t discriminate and I honestly view my experience as THE upmost positive thing that has ever and will ever happen to me in my life.

Well here’s my back story to why I do what I do every day. . .

I was initially diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was 9 years old. Like most kids at that age I spent most my time hanging out with my friends, playing football and learning the basics to my maths and English skills.

The rest of my time was spent in and out of hospital, regularly seeing my doctor for check ups and under going different treatments. My cancerous tumour in my thyroid was treated via radioactive therapy alongside two appointments in the theatre.

Looking back, over 6 months worth of treatment never really seemed to bother me. My main memories are of playing xbox in the games room and being constantly surrounded by nurses . . . not to bad eh?!

The help and support I received from friends, family and doctors taught me to make a difference in life wherever possible. I’ve realised how precious life is, and we really should make the most of the body we’ve been given, therefore I decided I wanted to help as many other people as possible make a difference in their own lives every day.

As previously mentioned, my experience with cancer – I view as hugely positive. Below are three Lessons cancer taught me.

My intention here is to give you some perspective and provide some motivation. We should all be having a daily positive impact on both our physical and mental well-being so I hope these lessons fuel your fire!

Lesson 1.

Do not waste time to do something! It’s so easy to let life get in the way sometimes and say…

  • “That can wait until I get X done”
  • “One day I’ll do X”

Don’t live like there is an endless supply of time. After all, one day, there will be no tomorrow.

So, got something you want to do?

Go do it! Carpe diem (Seize the day!)

Lesson 2.

Your perspective on a situation affects your attitude and most defiantly the outcome!

Cancer treatment is one of the harshest, most toxic treatment’s the human body can go through. However I now try looking on the positive side of every situation and attempting to understand why the situation has arisen.

When life gives you s**t, which we know it does, how you react to the situation is the real test of your character. Perhaps next time, ask yourself…

“What positives can you take from the situation?”

“Who else is in a worse off position than yourself?”

“Is the situation really that bad?”

“How can you make the situation better in 60 seconds?”

I’m a big fan of mindfulness and daily meditation, as I believe it can really help slow the mind down and allow us to control situations to the best of our ability.

Lesson 3.

Be grateful for everything you have.

Perhaps it’s all too easy to forget what we do have. Perhaps your on you’re own mission to change your body composition . . . which is awesome!

However, In order to be truly happy with your body you must also start to appreciate and accept what you have got too, otherwise you will always be chasing for that happiness.

As simple as it sounds, next time your training, be grateful that we even have the ability to train and begin to make a positive impact on our health.

The lessons my experience with cancer taught me developed a strong work ethic and ignited the determination to start my own Personal Training and nutritional consultancy business with Pro-Fit Personal Training back in 2011 after I gradated from Sheffield Hallam University.

I actually started the hard way, by moving from London up to Preston in the North West, therefore not knowing anyone and literally building my business from the ground up!

With a deeply rooted passion and commitment I was going to loose, I spent over 15 hours in the gym every day. I travelled to work by bus before the sun had risen to get to work before 6am, working solidly to demonstrate just how I could help those around me, making them happy, building self esteem, and ultimately boosting their confidence.

I have now been running a very successful personal training business in Leyland Lancashire for over 4 years.

I have devoted countless hours and pounds into studying the fundamentals to help clients reach their goals i.e. exercise prescription, psychology and behaviour change, However I have developed a niche around functional medicine.

This client centred approach : attempting to link factors between their lifestyle, environment and genetics, effectively addressing the client as a whole not by isolated symptoms has allowed me to achieve some fantastic results!

Alongside my personal training, I mentor personal trainers within the health and fitness industry, essentially directing and guiding them to grow to a successful business. I’m also a keen presenter and have launched a series of seminars around Leyland, in the North West with the intention to educate as many people within my local community as possible!

Jack Facts:

Favourite quotes:“Carpe Diem “. “A life shouldn’t be measure by time, rather by, experiences, opportunities and achievements”

3 Things I Most Value:

  1. Family/friends/girlfriend
  2. My health
  3. Knowing my purpose

Favourite food: Something protein based!

3 favourite podcast series:

  1. The Tim Ferriss Show
  2. We do science! Guru Performance
  3. Ru Anderson : High performance living

Favourite books :

  • 10% happier – Dan Harris
  • Influence – Joseph Grenny etc
  • Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell
  • Diet Cults – Matt Fitzgerald
  • Power of Now –Eckhart Tolle

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