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Pre Workout Shake Review : What I Think of the Supplement Jym by Jim Stoppani…

Pre Workout Shake Review : What I Think of the Supplement Jym by Jim Stoppani…

So the other week I received the pre workout supplement ‘Jym’ thanks to bodybuilding.com. The Jym pre workout drink is designed to help you improve focus and enhance performance. I promised to write an honest review of my experience testing out the supplement.

The Aim Of This Article…

In this post i’m going to talk about pre workout drinks. I’ll also be sharing my personal opinions of the Jym supplement mentioned above – giving you my verdict on whether I think it’s worth investing in or not.

Pre Workout Supplements…

There are thousands of pre workouts on the market, too many to try them all, but I have tried quite a few. Some were amazing and others…well…not so good!

I remember when I was at university and we’d all chip in to buy a tub of No-Xplode (a crazy pre workout supplement) and then go to the gym and train for hours upon hours. I also remember the days of Jack 3D (another pre workout) which the last time I heard has now been banned!

With so many supplements on the market it can be hard to know what to take! We all want that extra boost to enhance performance and help us get results more quickly but are the trade offs really worth it?

Are Pre Workouts Worth Taking?

In my opinion YES and NO, i’m going to sit on the fence on this one because I believe it totally depends.

If you take pre workouts for a limited period of time 4-8 weeks, then take a break for a few months, or if you are in a serious fat loss phase and have little energy left – then I believe they can be a fantastic addition to add into your regime.

If on the other hand you are relying on pre workouts to get your through workouts because you’re shattered all the time, and if you are also neglecting the basics such as:  good nutrition, high quality sleep, etc then I’d say NO to pre workout drinks.

A supplement should always be an addition, and although they can be beneficial, they are also in the grand scheme of things a small part of the body transformation puzzle.

Review Of Jym…

I took this for the first time a couple of week ago before a gym session. The first time I took it..for want of a better word…IT BLEW MY HEAD OFF! Not literally, but it was as though somebody had injected 30 cups of double expresso into my system!

I don’t think it helped that i’d just completed 7 personal training sessions! My mind and body were pretty tired and then I’d just taken a stimulant (not a good combo!)

I have to say though I was fully charged throughout my workout and largely felt good. My performance definitely improved and I was able to lift more than usual.

After the gym it took about 6-8hrs to fully wear off. I found myself still overly stimulated for my evening PT sessions and although not unbearable it wasn’t particularly pleasant either. My heart was racing faster than usual and I felt a bit sweaty. I also had a poor nights sleep, failing to get to bed until 2pm!

That said I tried it again a couple of days later and I was totally fine. This time I took it on an empty stomach, in the morning and after a good nights sleep. I had another great workout and the after effects didn’t last very long (approx 2-3hrs).

Personally i’ve found that if I take it everyday I get jittery and anxious, however If I do one day on, then one day off I deal with it really well.

Final Verdict…

I have enjoyed the extra buzz and more intense workouts and I would definitely rate the product. I think you have to play around with the dose and find what works for you.

Rating the product out of 5 starts for the following I would give it…

  • Taste 3/5
  • Mixability 5/5
  • Effectiveness 4/5
  • Overall 4/5 
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This post was written by Nick (owner and founder of LEP Fitness)