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Precious Times with the Family…


Pretty Personal Post From The Heart…

Magaret beechino & nick screeton

What a weekend! My Grandmother (Margaret) made the long trip from Brighton to Sheffield and stayed with me and Sally in our new home (still can’t believe we have our own home!). I love my Gran very much, she’s a very special lady, I remember….

As a kid we’d make Lego, and watch ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’.  We’d go on ‘spooky ghost runs’ in the car, where gran would tell me scary stories – I loved them!  I also loved doing boisterous stuff – like shooting her with my Nerf Gun! I was a bit of a rebel to be honest.

At college (when I lived in Brighton), every Tuesday she would pick me up, take me for a weekly shop, do my washing 🙈, and then we’d cook our special ‘Fajita Dish’ and watch some Clint Eastwood westerns.

Soo many fond memories.

This weekend really got me thinking about how precious life is. I know it’s a slightly morbid topic but it is a reality. None of us really know how long we’ll be around, life can change in an instant. The past few days i’ve tried to be fully present, living in the moment. I’ve had conversation with gran that i’ve never had before, I found out about her past and stuff that I never knew about her work, life and my grandfather. It was incredible and I loved every second.

Moral of the story…

It can be sad to think that one day our loved one’s will no longer be around. You may be in a job that you don’t like, or stuck in a traffic jam, or have little money but what’s important is to appreciate how lucky you truly are. Appreciate your loved one’s, appreciate being able to sleep, breathe, read, write, hear, walk, talk, shower, drink water, eat food, and all the other amazing elements in your life.

In my opinion the most important people in life are your family. Look after them, appreciate them and never take them for granted.

Zoe Screeton and Nick Screeton